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OG UI Stage 5

The commandos enter the Ruins, bypassing multiple temple traps.

- Ariana: "You are allowed in, but many trials still remain." *

*(the text reads: "We were allowed in...".)

- Bill: "I'm good enough to open the door, but they're still shooting at us. Figures." *

*(the text reads: "So I'm good enough to open the door, but they're still shooting at me. Figures.".)

The commandos survive past multiple enemy temple guards and obstacles until they finally reach a room where a stone statue of a warrior is enshrined. Upon reaching the statue, it glows a strong light and the room is closed by blue barriers. A voice speaks...

- Warrior: "You've done well to come this far." (the statue breaks, revealing a man with sword and shield, battle commences once he touches the floor)

- Ariana: "The guardian of Lemris..."
- Warrior: "I've been awaiting you for some time."
- Ariana: "...Me!?"
- Warrior: "First, prove you are worthy to enter these sacred halls!"

- Lance: "What's happening now?"
- Warrior: "We met once before, at Val Verde..."
- Lance: "...That's not possible!"
- Warrior: "First, prove you are worthy to enter these sacred halls!"

The Warrior is defeated and returns to stone. The elite commandos of Bill, Lance, Lucia, and Ariana all form up in front of the warrior's lingering spirit.

- Beowulf: "Ariana, you have awakened as a Contra."
- Ariana: "You know my name...?"
- Beowulf: "Of course. I am Beowulf, the first human Contra, and guardian of the Lemris. My spirit resides within the Lemris, waiting to guide those who have awakened."
- Lucia: "The first human Contra... Then you're the progenitor of the Contra Gene!"
- Bill: "Contra gene? This guy was a statue five minutes ago."
- Lucia: "This is the focus of my research at X-FLO. It's a genetic sequence found in warriors with preternatural abilities, like you and Lance. We realized that something – an X-type artifact – was influencing human evolution. Altering our genome in this specific way. Based on ancient writings across several cultures, these unique warriors seemed to be called "Contra", and were referenced alongside an alien civilization. I theorized that this civilization must have sent the artifact – which we now know was Lemris – for the purpose of creating "Contra". To continue our research, X-FLO formed a special unit in the EMC for soldiers found to have the Contra gene."
- Lance: "...Makes us sound like a cosmic experiment."
- Beowulf: "As you said, Lemris has been influencing the souls of humanity since ancient times. I've watched over Earth since the dawn of civilization, waiting for warriors who could be deemed Contra. Contra is a quality bestowed by the Lemris on behalf of the Sol. To be chosen is to become a Guardian – a Protector."
- Lucia: "The "Sol"? Are they the beings who created the Lemris? This is the missing piece of the puzzle..."
- Beowulf: "Eons ago, across the cosmos, two races waged a terrible war. On one side, the Zagard. A cruel Empire seeking to assimilate all sentient life into their hive mind. Opposing them stood Sol, a civilization who considered free will to be sacred. However, the Zagard's cunning threatened to overcome the Sol, so they placed their legacy inside the Lemris and concealed it on Earth."
- Ariana: "My people died protecting Lemris. Why is Varanis after it?"
- Beowulf: "The Lemris contains the totality of Sol's knowledge and history. If it is destroyed, they will be wiped from existence. Lemris can also manipulate gravity. Zagard's primary means of intergalactic travel is to open wormholes and use folding space to instantly cross great distances. However, Lemris creates a protective gravitational field around Earth, preventing wormholes from opening within it and making a full-scale Zagard invasion impossible."
- Lucia: "A force field around Earth... Lemris is definitely the cause of those gravity readings."
- Beowulf: "Varanis wants to steal power from Lemris by draining it of energy. Once the shield is gone, Zagard forces can mount a full scale invasion. If you cannot protect the Lemris, all is lost."
- Lance: "Beowulf, tell us – where is the Lemris?"
- Beowulf: "Seek the altar."

(scene scrolls fast rightward, toward the altar of the Lemris.)

OG UI Stage 7