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Ice Train is the fifth stage of Contra: Operation Galuga.


The Contra Unit meet up with Stanley Ironside on the whereabouts of the missing GX Army. They take this opportunity to ride aboard a train that travels past the Snowfield mountain range that could lead the commandos closer toward the Lemris artifact. As the commandos and Stanley head closer to the train's main caboose, they soon discover a surprise opposition... the remaining GX Army has been turned into Red Falcon slaves, making this train ride less than pleasant.

Hover Bikes lets our commandos take a more scenic route approach during the second half of this frozen joyride, though not without large opposition heading their way...

For more detailed story information, see Operation Galuga Stage 5/Script.






  • This stage's general setting is largely based on the Snowfields from Contra, including reusing the same boss character. The stage's theme is a mix of the snowfields, coupled with super C's stage 1 theme (due to the presence of the GX Army) and mixed with a part of the credits theme from Contra III: The Alien Wars.