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OG UI Stage 3

Bill and Lance trek downward into a large chasm, eventually entering a Red Falcon Laboratory. After blasting through more opposition, they encounter a largely armored security robot.

- Bill: "Hey, don't mind us..."

The commandos climb further over bottomless pits until they locate an entrance shaft leading deep underground. A message from HQ is received:

- Lucia: "Okay team, I'm on-sight. Just found an entrance. What's the situation?"
- Bill: "Already!? Didn't know the EMC had high speed transport that could slip Red Falcon's defenses. (heh) Doyle's holding out on me."
- Lucia: "The EMC doesn't. X-FLO, on the other hand..."
- Lance: "X-FLO? The Federation's Covert Intelligence Division..."
- Bill: "So what, we're just your side-hustle?"
- Lucia: "Actually you can thank an X-FLO initiative for your Contra unit. We named it and everything."
- Bill: "Yeah? Then maybe you can tell us why that Varanis creep had heard it before."
- Lucia: "Afraid I can't really say. But Varanis poses an interstellar threat to our planet, so X-FLO is very interested. Evaluating that threat is why we're all here, remember? Time to get back to the mission."
- Bill: "Yeah we kind of have our hands full here too."
- Lucia: "I suspect Gravity Weapons are only the beginning. You find any information, radio in."
- Bill: "You bet."

The team of commandos continue further into the Laboratory, passing by mutant experiments and eliminating Red Falcon forces along the way. They finally come across a large alien beast...

(battle commences and the Alien Heart is ultimately destroyed.)

(battle commences and the Alien Heart is ultimately destroyed.)

- Bill: "They been growing giant aliens in here!?"
(battle commences and the Alien Heart is ultimately destroyed.)

- Lucia: "Sorry if I'm late. Impressive work though." (grapples in, accesses a computer in front of her) "Commander Doyle, I've accessed the Red Falcon system. You ready, Daniel? ...Opening a transfer into the Federation's Network... now."
- Henriksen: "I hear you. Running analysis." (an image soon appears of an unknown artifact) "This seems promising — data regarding an object with massive energy readings."
- Drake: "This could be the X-type artifact. We hypothesized it could be somewhere on the island... Meaning the gravity anomaly was no weapon at all. Lucia — you must locate the X-type artifact."
- Lucia: "I'm well aware of the implications."
- Bill: "Hey X-FLO — care to share with the rest of the class? What's an X-type artifact?"
- Lucia: "Our data indicates it's an extraterrestrial object brought to earth thousands of years ago. There's a lot we don't know, but it definitely houses an incredible amount of energy. Enough to cause those readings. If it is on Galuga, it's likely what Varanis is after. Ariana, does this look familiar to you?"
- Ariana: "That is the Lemris; what my people call the seed of the gods. It's why we must defend the island. It's sealed in a sacred temple deep in the mountains. Only a few of my tribe are able to open the gate. But after my village was attacked- - ...they're gone. The Lemris cannot be reached."
- Lucia: "We need to at least try... before Varanis finds a way in."
- Lance: "Even with Ariana's help, crossing that mountain range? On foot? Would take days."
- Stanley (radio call) "[come] -in. Do you copy? Dammit Rizer, where are you?"
- Bill: "We copy, Stanley. But we're a little busy at the moment."
- Stanley "I found the GX Army; we've been fighting monsters. I could really use some extra firepower."
- Lance: "Monsters? Yeah, turns out Galuga has a real alien problem."
- Stanley "My men collapsed. Like they'd been shut off. Falcons loaded them onto a train and are transporting them into the mountains."
- Lance: "What the hell..."
- Stanley "So? You guys up for a rescue mission?"
- Bill: "Train, huh? Sounds like we found our ride."
- Lucia: ...sending our coordinates."
Operation Galuga Stage 4 cutscene background

(scene shifts to an unknown location, under offline communications)

- Doyle: "You saw the readings, gentlemen... We now know without a doubt that we are under threat of an alien invasion. Does this warrant reopening the G-Initiative?"
- Drake: "This scenario is the reason the protocols exist. "
- Henriksen: "I'm afraid the underlying technology still eludes us. In early trials, that is."
- Drake: "We'll need Henriksen's finest minds dedicated to the project. "
- Henriksen: "Yes, of course."
- Doyle: "..."

OG UI Stage 5