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I may look like this, but I keep the peace on Earth♪
~ Profile quote from the official website

Olive Drab (オリーヴ・ドラブ Orīvu Do rabu?), commonly simply called Olive, is a playable character in Bombergirl, a spinoff game of the Bomberman series. She is a "Shooter" type character and is the representative of the Contra series in the game.

She was first seen in a comic shown on December 11, 2020, teased in a tweet on December 14, and finally revealed in an exclusive promo video on December 21 with a poster and a PV vignette. She was made playable during the "Let's Meet with a Bang!! Olive Sortie Gacha" event that started on December 24.

She is voiced by Akari Kitō.


Olive is a street sweeper Bombergirl! But secretly, she is a member of Contra who cleans up threats to Earth!
Her mission this time is to participate in the Bomber Battle and investigate to ensure there aren't any risk factors hidden within!
~ Translated official profile
  • Hobby: "Cleaning, repairing, etc. It super excites me cleaning filthy things♪"
  • Likes: "To tell the plain truth, after all, world peace? A world where there are no miserable people would be so awesome♪"
  • Dislikes: "I don't hate it, but I don't need vegetables for barbecue♪"
  • Birthday: September 24
  • Brand: Tactical Assault Force




  • Olive is the 18th character added to Bombergirl.
  • Her full name, Olive Drab, refers to a dark yellowish-green color, like that of unripe or green olives. The military uses this as a form of standard wear for soldiers.
  • Olive's main outfit design references parachute pants of the 1980s, although in a much different style; they are of open and baggy nature, crossed with her top as suspenders, and have a tactical use with the side pouches and pads. Given her attitude, Olive likely dresses like this on purpose to distract any enemies with her figure and gain the upper hand in combat.
  • Olive received two design palette swaps of her main outfit in an event for her birthday in 2021, and her in-game illustrations change to match. One of these designs has the white and orange color scheme of Tsugu-min, with the name on the waistband of her bottom in place of "CON-TRA" and the BR-W9 model number on her hat. The other design is leopard-print combined with darker shoes, underlayer, tactical pouches and pads, as well as her rifle darkening to match. There is a white "BG" in a font reminiscent of the Louis Vuitton brand on her hat, while the darker pieces sport a repeating symbols design reminiscent of the brand's designer bags.
  • For her street sweeper and cleanup work, Olive also has a janitor's suit, as seen on her concept artwork sheet.
  • Olive received a swimsuit design along with her street sweeper work outfit in an event for her birthday in 2022, with a new illustration featuring said swimsuit as well as a new top.
  • Olive's multicolored hairstyle and manner of dress indicate that she is involved in the "gyaru" culture. She has a high school outfit on her concept artwork sheet, and this was officially added to the game in an event for her birthday in 2021, along with new official illustrations. When wearing this, Olive resembles high school gyaru girls and even brings out a smartphone.
  • Olive's promo video on X directly parodies the opening cutscene of Contra III: The Alien Wars and uses its music.
  • Olive's rifle is named Tsugumin, which directly references the BR-W9 "TSUGU-MIN" combat android, one of the protagonists of Contra ReBirth.
  • She and Krystal (from Hard Corps: Uprising) share many similarities, such as wearing similar outfits, fashioning a mainly blond and long hair, and wearing an eyepatch, and the latter is probably one of Olive's motifs.
  • Her birthday coincides with the release of Contra: Rogue Corps, September 24, 2019.

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