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Oggie and the Oggie Generator (オギー & オギ ージェネレーター Ogī & Ogī Jenerētā?, lit. "Oggie & Oggie Generator") are enemies in the Contra series. Oggies are giant ant-like aliens that come out in endless numbers from holes in the ground.


Oggies are giant ant-like alien creatures that spawn endlessly from generators located throughout the Sheer Cliff. There are two variants, green and red; the latter being the only type that is spawned from generators and able to spew fireballs for ranged combat. Lone individuals can also be encountered scouting the terrain away from their nests.

Even though the barren lands of the cliff are their territory, they're not impervious to its natural hazards and will also get trapped in sand traps should they step on one, dying shortly afterward. This can be dangerous, however, as they may start unexpectedly spewing fireballs in any random directions as they're spinning around, potentially taking the player by surprise.

Destroying the five generators from where the Oggies come from is actually the main objective of the level, and once this has been achieved, the player will proceed to fight the area boss.





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