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Neon Abyss: Infinite (Chinese: 霓虹深淵:無限 Ní Hóng Shēnyuān: Wúxiàn, "Neon Abyss: Infinity") is a roguelike run-and-gun platformer video game by Veewo Games released on most current platforms.

A collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., titled Neon Abyss: Infinite × Contra, was announced on May 15, 2024 and slated for release on May 30. The DLC includes the two main heroes of the Contra franchise, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, and implements many assets from this series to the game.


Neon Abyss: Infinite is a cyberpunk-themed shooting action roguelike game featuring stunning barrage shooting and exciting battles. Players take control of a special agent and explore the unknown areas of the Abyss. The dungeons in the game are very vast, allowing the player to explore different areas and meet their ultimate challenges. Players can also freely match various skills and weapons according to their own preferences and experience unique fighting styles. At the same time, power-ups can be collected, which they stack with each other, with no limit to how many can be used. The player can also be followed by a pet companion which can evolve multiple times to help them defeat powerful enemies. Players can sprint, jump and continuously fire at the same time, ensuring flexible movement and uninterrupted firepower output. The game is loaded with innovative visual special effects, guaranteeing to give players a dazzling visual shock experience.

The cyberpunk-style Neon Abyss: Infinite is known for its crazy and guilt-free style. The scenes and characters in the game are full of futuristic designs and neon colors. Players can enjoy partying in this crazy world and challenge various exciting game modes and levels with friends, making them feel like they are in a crazy dream. In addition, the game also provides a variety of exciting game modes, such as racing, survival, and large-scale boss battles, allowing players to challenge their limits and enjoy a crazy and exciting gaming experience.

The battle scenes in the game are full of gorgeous barrage. Players can show off their aiming and shooting skills, respond to the enemy's changing attacks, use various weapons and skills to fight against the enemy, and experience the achievements of knocking them down. At the same time, players can continuously improve their shooting skills and develop new stunning movements and skills in battle to bring an extraordinary innovative experience.

The game provides a rich variety of high-energy power-ups that can be infinitely stacked to provide the player with richer combat strategies and gameplay. Players can earn power-ups by defeating enemies or by completing specific tasks, and apply them in battle. The diversity of power-ups allows players to freely match them according to their playing styles and preferences to create their own strongest character.

Players can assemble teams of up to four friends to fight side by side with family and friends, or team up with other players online to fight against enemy invasions in this technologically charged cyber world. Use behind-the-scenes shooting and strategic cooperation to defeat powerful enemies from all walks of life, and experience the infinite fun brought by team fighting.[1]

Neon Abyss: Infinite × Contra[]

Neon Abyss: Infinite × Contra is a downloadable pack made in collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment. It adds playable versions of the two main heroes of the Contra franchise, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, and also implements several assets from said series, such as enemies, bosses, music, recreations of classic stages, as well as an all new plot.

The DLC includes the "Presents From 1987", which incorporates several popular elements from the Contra series into Neon Abyss's main game mechanics to be used by other agents during their adventures in the Abyss, such as classic Contra weapons and iconic moves, as well as several rewards that can be unlocked as the player completes certain tasks.[2]


In the city that never sleeps, a new agent comes to the "Black Dog Bar" lobby carrying a mysterious cassette. In this infinite AI network, the data in the cassette has been calculated into an independent subnet. However, the minions of the Titan Group have already infiltrated this subnet, and they need some special materials to help the bar owner restore the cassette and resist the invasion of the Titan Group. As long as the agents jump into the abyss, complete any level to collect materials, and complete the recovery, they will get the exclusive "Contra" agents "Lance & Bill", as well as many other rewards.



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