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Space is the seventh and final stage in Neo Contra.


The base is destroyed, though Master Contra is still alive. The player are left standing on the remains of the base, left to fight him in his most powerful form.

The entire stage is simply a fight with Master C's second and final form. The player can defeat him by using lock on weapons or they can simply wait several minutes and let him become incinerated in the atmosphere (100%). 


  • If the player final average is an S and they are playing as Jaguar: Jaguar stands alone against several waves of enemies. First a few foot soldiers, than a trunk, then a brigade of troops. After all of that a gigantic robot appears and Jaguar attacks. Unfortunately, he accidentally bisects the entire planet. The scene ends with him and Bill swimming through the debris field.
  • Other rankings: The base is destroyed and Bill and Jaguar come crashing back down to Earth. The hitch a ride on the back of a whale and return to the shore, having saved humanity from itself.


Description Audio
Theme of Neo Contra Stage 7 - A True Last Boss Remix.
Theme of Neo Contra Ending - Credit.
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