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Master C base is the sixth stage in Neo Contra.





A rocket blasts off from the lab after Master Contra's main base of operations, which is now in orbit. The boosters break away revealing your character strapped to a jet pack.

You will have to fight ten armored enemies before you reach the base (20%). They appear quickly, but only one at a time. Once they open up, hit them in the middle with a heavy weapon. If you hit the sides they will take much less damage and possibly fly off before you destroy them.

The Bill clone and Jaguar burst in on Master Contra, who despite being considerably frustrated at their survival, decides to tell them what he's doing. He explains how every society has strict morals about not to commit genocide, but demands that their soldiers disregard those standards whenever there is an enemy. He ultimately plans on demolishing all of structured society, thus removing the need for soldiers and the inherent hypocrisy that the need for war brings. Unfortunately, he doesn't want Bill clone and Jaguar alive when this happens.

When you get onto the base, you will have to fight Master Contra three times in the same room. First, he will transport around the room swinging his sword (30%), then he will split the sword into multiple blades and throw them at you (40%). Finally, he will clone himself and you'll have to find the real one (60%).

After Master Contra is defeated, it turns out he was actually a machine! Before the heroes can begin to wonder why he was created, they hear a voice and a huge face that resembles that of Bill Rizer appears below them. It turns out that Master Contra was merely a puppet, and Project C was responsible for controlling everything. Project C explains that both he and the clone of Bill were part of a 10 year old project initially developed to spread pure genocide all over the Earth as a means to end all possible conflicts. The project was also designed to recreate Bill, who is somewhat now considered as the "ultimate soldier", and eventually branched into two separate paths of militaristic research. The first plan was to mass-produce a clone while the second and final plan was to develop a living, sentient weapon of mass destruction created using data based off the consciousness of the original Bill, which is the final result of Project C.

You have 30 seconds to destroy the four life support pods connected to Project C before he completely kills you, and perhaps destroy the entire facility, with a devastating electrical blast (100%). If time runs out, then it's game over regardless of how many lives you have left.


  • If your average ranking is a B or lower: The base is destroyed, presumably with you still on it. While the weapon is destroyed, Project C is not. Rendered powerless, he is left drifting in space.
  • If your average ranking is an A or S: You will automatically start Stage 7, Space.


Description Audio
Theme of Neo Contra Stage 6 - Armageddon.
Theme of Neo Contra Stage 6 Boss #1 - Master Contra.
Theme of Neo Contra Stage 6 Boss #2 - Project C.


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