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Neo Contra Research Facility is the fifth stage in Neo Contra.





Brace yourself for a somewhat steep difficulty spike.

A gigantic bug is chasing grunts and snipers down a hallway, and manages to catch up to a few of them. The remaining soldiers run through a doorway and the bug follows. After an explosion, a bunch of bug guts spill into the hallway and then your character enters the facility.

This level can become rather difficult, especially if it's your first time through. Immediately up ahead are four Eggrons and three large Backers (7%). Heavy weapons are better; however, there are so many small spiders that you'll be better off with your rapid fire weapon. Two more large spiders are sitting around past the pods (9%). Five stems (14%) will pop up as soon as you get near them. You'll have to use your lock-on weapons and try to kill them quickly before the small spiders start to arrive. Three more large Buggers and four Eggrons (21%) are right past the stems, but if you approach slowly you won't have to fight everything at once. Past the bridge are three more pods and another large spider (25%). Kill everything and take the elevator down.

Two more Devil's Poison Plants and the second (and last) Tarakoid in the game will greet you (29%). Try to kill the stems before the labia appears and then move on. At the split in the path, kill the two floating bugs (31%) and then go southwest to fight four more floating bugs (35%) and a group of black spiders. Kill the black spiders as fast as you can and while they're still bunched together; once they move apart they are hard to hit. This is a dead end, so head back and southeast. Kill the black spiders before the large spider and floating bug (37%).

In the next area you have four stems, seven pods, and another large spider (49%). Kill everything and take the elevator down a floor. Destroy the group of four stems (53%) and then the next group of two stems (55%) and black spiders. At this point, another one of the giant bugs seen in the intro will start to chase you. Don't bother fighting it or waste too much time with the spiders, just get to the elevator before it catches up to you. The elevator will start to descend, but the bug will jump down on to it.

Hit the Alien Bug as hard as you can with heavy weapons. Once it starts to use its eye lasers, you're going to need to use your spin move to avoid being killed, since you can't out run it. After you kill it (58%), it will turn into the Alien Moth, which isn't too much harder (61%).

Once you get off the elevator you will be in a room filled with small spiders and alien heads the burrow underground. As you approach them they will pop out, at which point you should use your heavy weapons. Make sure you kill all ten of them (71%) before moving on. In the next room are two more alien heads (73%) and seven alien spawners (80%). At the end of the hallway is the "Mother Alien" that blocks your way. First, the lower segment (81%) must be destroyed and then the eye (82%) before the way is cleared.

When you enter the command center, the floor opens up and Red Falcon's badly-damaged head appears. Destroy the four smaller heads (90%) before going after Red Falcon's head (95%). Once the head is destroyed, the Brain will appear and attack you. Kill it (100%) to finish the level.

Once Red Falcon is finished off for good, Master Contra will appear, and it turns out that he claims himself to be... the ultimate form of Bill Rizer who has surpassed the original. He claims that the other Bill is just a clone and he's been letting you fight in order to prevent the Congress from finding out his real plans! After a few more words are exchanged, he immobilizes Bill and Jaguar and then prepares to leave.


Attainable storyline outcomes depending on the rank the player achieved at the end of the level:

Rank C or D

While Bill and Jaguar are immobilized, Master Contra transports to another base. The base then suddenly rises out of the ground, devastating an entire city as it prepares to reach the Earth's atmosphere, and powers up a powerful laser weapon; thus destroying the entirety of the planet. Game over. Get higher rankings.

Rank B or higher

The two heroes are immobilized by the field, but when Master Contra attempts to kill them, Mystery G reappears and stops him. He is fatally wounded and Master Contra leaves, but Bill and Jaguar were able to move again. Before he dies, Mystery G tells Bill that it doesn't matter if he is a clone or not, he still lives by the original Bill's ideals, so he is the real Bill Rizer. The clone asks him who he is and he replies that like Bill, he was once called "Contra".


Description Audio
Theme of Neo Contra Stage 5 #1 - Strangest Reality.
Theme of Neo Contra Stage 5 Mini-Boss #1 - Jakob.
Theme of Neo Contra Stage 5 #2 - Peaceful Chaos.
Theme of Neo Contra Stage 5 Boss - Red Falcon.


  • An alien bug is shown in the background on a bridge of this stage. This monster cannot be attacked.
  • The alien layer section in this stage is played similar to the Alien 2 stage of Super Contra.
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