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A volcanic scenery is shown. Within moments, the volcano erupts, spewing flaming red meteors around the surrounding area. Two meteors bear a familiar shape, and can be seen cannonballing toward the waters below, soon splashing hard on its surface. Two commandos rise from the waters, their legs completely submerged. They soon face the canyon environment in front of them...


The two commandos "Bill" and Jaguar blast their way through the watery canyon environment; battling multiple troops, flying sentries, a giant sushi looking monster and passing through armored gates and hallways filled with shielded soldiers. They eventually reach a large land worm and put it out of commission for good. At last, the pair reach the inner grounds of the enemy stronghold, where more sentries await, as well as giant boulders ready to trample them. Taking out the armed security sentries, the pair of commandos reach the inner halls of the enemy stronghold. The two reach a large circular room, where their path is cut off. Trapped within the arena, they are assaulted by a spider-like mecha, complete with shields and enough energy to survive multiple defeats. The mecha eventually gives up as its heavily damaged, just then the door the two entered from opens up and out comes a squid-like mecha. It too goes down rather easily, and the commando pair are able to catch a small break for their surviving battles.

Boss: Pheromone Contra[]

Their recent victories appear to have caught the attention of the fortress's master. From the bolted door, a woman wearing a gas mask struts toward the center area where the commandos await.

- Jaguar: "! Ah! I guess this one is Pheromone CONTRA, then. Get ready!"
- Pheromone CONTRA: (laughing) "Haha! Always the tough guy, Billy dear."
- Bill: "Wha-? How do you know about me? [and] Who the hell are you?" [1]
- Pheromone CONTRA: "My, my. What a cold reception! Now don't tell me you've forgotten."

The woman pulls off her mask, revealing a red eyed smile.

- Bill: "No! It can't be! Lucia?!"
- Jaguar: "What? This is the legendary bioroid you fought alongside with?"
- Bill: "What do you think you're doing, Lucia? Why are you siding with them?"
- Lucia: "Poor Billy. There are some things you're better off not knowing. But don't fear. I'll kill you now so you never have to deal with them."

Lucia hovers magnetically into the air and summons the two previously defeated mechas. The two mechas combine into an orbital frame looking boss and using it and its powers, Lucia battles the two commandos . Lucia is ultimately overtaken by the commando's sheer firepower. Lucia sits on the floor with her hand on her stomach:

- Lucia: "Aaaah... ." It... it wasn't... supposed to be"
- Bill: "Lucia! Why?! Answer me!"
- Lucia: "Erg... ." You always were tough, Bill. But that will be your undoing... ."
- Bill: "... ?"
- Lucia: "Listen to me. Resist all you want, but you can't hope to win. Not against him... ."
- Bill: "What are you trying to tell me, Lucia?"
- Lucia: "Goodbye... ." (powers down)
- Bill: "Lucia!" (drops his gun and rushes to Lucia)
- Lucia: "... ..."
- Bill: "Lucia!"
(brief pause, Bill then looks up to the sky screaming)
- Bill: "LUCIA!!!"


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  1. text does not display the word "and" being said.