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Stage 2 is the second stage in Neo Contra.





For story details, see Neo Contra Stage 2/Script

A character is shooting his way through a poster and then jumps down onto the streets below riding a motorcycle. The camera then pans out revealing that it was a scene on a gigantic TV screen (it's the introduction to a stage from Contra: Shattered Soldier). Your character jumps through the screen on what appears to be an armored dinosaur.

As soon as the level begins, you will be attacked by a series of soldiers on motorcycles that appear to be wielding yo-yos. Your best bet is probably to hit them with heavy weapons; however, that really depends on what weapon set your using. Stay near the middle of the screen, since they come from behind, and try to take them out quickly. There are five in total (10%) and usually two are onscreen at once. After that, you will be attacked by ten small vehicles (20%), which will come from behind at first and then from the front. If they are behind you they will use their guns and if they are in front they will lay mines. There are a lot of them, but they are weak, so use your rapid fire weapons.

Once the vehicles are destroyed, the screen will change to a side view and you will be attacked by the first miniboss, the Gunner (25%). Destroy it with your lock-on weapons as fast as possible, and as soon as it is wrecked, a Transport Plane will attack. Destroy the propellers and cannons first (31%), and then go after the soldier (35%). Once it's destroyed, you'll jump over a pit and start scaling the side of a building. A large green monster starts chasing you, but won't attack yet.

As you start to scale the building, soldiers will pop out of windows and drop barrels of what appears to be toxic waste. This is the hardest part in the stage, not because the enemies will kill you easily, but because they don't stay out for very long, and if you miss one you can't get a full 100%. Stay to the right take out the first one (36%), then move to the far left. Two guys will appear at once - kill the back one first and then the one off to the side (38%). Move into the middle and kill the guy directly in front of the barricade (39%). Go around the left side of the barricade and kill the one directly ahead first and then the one to the far right (41%). Quickly move to the right and take out the one behind the next wall (42%), then move forward and kill the one in the center (43%). Go around either side of the barricade and kill one guy on each side (45%). Take out the final one in the middle (46%) and it's at this point that you will run out of further space. The green Mutant chooses this point to break out of its muzzle and attack. Destroy the two cannons first (50%) and then go after the miniboss (60%).

You will then climb inside the base and head into a small room with two turrets firing at you occasionally and a bunch of explosives rolling around the screen. Ignore the explosives and destroy both of the turrets with lock-on weapons as quickly as possible (66%) before knocking out the blast shield blocking your way (70%). You will run into another room set up exactly the same, except the blast shield now has a flamethrower and you can't hit the shield from the side, you have to be directly in front of it. Stay to the side and destroy the turrets as usual (76%), and then, when you get a chance, move in and hit the shield (80%). Hold down the shoulder button to keep your character facing the same direction and when you see the weapon start to power up, get out of the way. Once it's down, you'll run into the boss room where Mystery G is fighting Plant Contra.

Just as Mystery G shoots down Plant Contra, Bill and Jaguar run into the room. He instantly recognizes Bill and introduces himself. When Bill starts wondering about his identity, he pulls two very large guns out and challenges Bill to a fight.

Mystery G has three attacks, which he will use one at a time and then repeat the pattern. If you have powerful enough weapons, you can take him out before he uses his third weapon, which is very hard to avoid. In any case, just keep firing (it helps to lock your character's direction like you did with the blast shields) and he'll fall soon enough (90%).

Mystery G stops the fight and comments on how good you are, but asks if you're strong enough to fight "him". At this point Plant Contra wakes up, Mystery G asks you to deal with him and then transports out of the base. Jaguar shouts at him to come back, but to no avail. Plant Contra, upset at being ignored, turns into his true form: a gigantic plant-like alien monstrosity.

You are in the same circular room as before, but now you are limited to the perimeter since Plant Contra takes up most of the screen. The first part is easy enough, but once you damage it enough, the flower part will open up and there will suddenly be a lot more activity on the screen at once. Use your lock on weapons to hit it while focusing on avoiding everything on the ground (100%).

Jaguar is amazed that Plant Contra was actually a plant alien-cyborg hybrid, but Bill is more interested in finding out who exactly Mystery G is.




Description Audio
Theme of Neo Contra Stage 2 #1 - Battle Train.
Theme of Neo Contra Stage 2 #2 - Nuclear.
Theme of Neo Contra Stage 2 miniboss - Mystery G.
Theme of Neo Contra Stage 2 boss - Plant Contra.


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