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Intro and Stage[]

In space above Earth's orbit, a large silver satellite shaped like a handgun is seen unloading a large missile with the word Contra painted on its side in green. The missile is released and aims directly toward an industrial city. It crashes, leaving behind a large explosion and crater in its wake. From the crater in the highway, out jumps out two commandos ready to do battle against the industrial zone's infantry.

The pair of commandos eliminate wave after wave of enemy infantry until they blow open an entrance into the enemy's base. Barely managing to enter in time just before bolted doors slam shut, the duo face off against a large freaky-looking monster. They damage it heavily, which leaves behind a large hole/ The two jump in and damage another large robot in their way during the free falling.

The pair of commandos hit the bottom floor unscathed. As they investigate the floor, the large spider-like robot lands hard behind them. The commandos turn around to face it, its hatch opening revealing their primary target:

- ???: "Ha ha ha! So, the scum have finally arrived!"
- Jaguar: "! You must be the commander."
- "Bill": "One of the NEO CONTRA elite!"
- Guerilla Contra: "Right the first time! Guerilla Contra is my name. As your reward for getting this far, I'll grant you a quick death."

The two commandos do battle with Guerilla Contra's mech and succeed in heavily damaging it. The commander coughs up blood shortly before a large shaking bright explosion consumes him and the mech to oblivion (Stage Clear).


A monitor room is shown, with multiple monochrome screens blinking:

- voice: "Status report. Early this morning, frontline base 985 was destroyed by an enemy attack. We confirmed that base commander Guerilla CONTRA perished in the assault."
- ???: "Hmm... . That means the assembly gave the order to send them in..."
- voice: "Orders, sir?"
- ???: "Mmm... Let them come... . But follow their progress closely!"
- voice: "Affirmative."
- ???: "Interesting... . Hopefully they will prove entertaining. Something to pass the time while the final preparations are completed. Heh heh heh..."

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