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Script for Neo Contra.

Mission 1[]


The stage opens up with a missile being fired from a space station onto the planet below. The missile smashes through a building and slams into the ground, destroying the street. Your character jumps out of the impact crater, having ridden the missile down to the surface.

Base exterior[]

Move forward, shooting past the barricade and destroying the two large cylinder a head of you (2%). A flying craft will fly towards you, so destroy it with your lock-on attack (3%). Weave between the walls, killing a blue sniper and another flying craft (5%). A couple of green grunts an a sniper (6%) are stationed by two more cylinders (8%). Moving on a swarm of grunts attack a drop ship dumps more on top of you. You get nothing for the grunts but destroy the drop ship (10%). More green grunts, a cylinder, and an armored sniper follow (12%). The armored sniper can be killed by: destroying the cylinder behind him, waiting for him to move his shield, or just fire enough to destroy the shield. Past this mess wait for a break in the blue sniper's shots to move in and take him out (13%). Watch out for grunts as it can get crowded in this area.

Once the area opens up a lot of things will begin attacking at once. When the flying craft appears, retreat a bit and destroy it (14%). Head back to see two blue snipers, three armored snipers, and a tank. Either out the minor guys (19%) and then go after the tank (20%) or simply destroy the tank to kill everything at once. Do the latter if you prefer heavy weapons and the former if you prefer rapid fire weapons. In any case keep watching out for grunts as they can kill you if you let their numbers grow too high.

Head north to a small side area where the other drop ship you saw with the first one will land. Before dealing with it, take out the flying craft (21%) and the artillery unit (22%) before destroying the grunts and drop ship (23%). Destroy the last two pieces of artillery (25%) and head back down and west. On this street you'll run into several small blue mechs (28%), two bazooka guys (30%), and a large flying craft (31%). Another blue mech is to the north (32%), but before heading up that way go further west and destroy the trunk and cylinder (34%). Take out the blue mech and bazooka soldier (36%).

Past the barricade is an armored soldier (37%) and two cylinders (39%). If you time it right you can use the cylinders to take out the two small flying crafts (41%) in one shot. Further up is a repeat: armored sniper, two cylinders, two flying crafts (46%). Fight past the grunts to reach the first mini-boss, the Green Tank (48%). Once it's gone continue forwards.

Take out the two snipers (50%) from a distance, the large flying craft that appears to your left (51%), then the four bazooka soldiers (55%) to the left and right. Once everything is gone take out the satellite dish with lock-on weapons (56%) before going on. You can go right or left, but all of the enemies that are worth percentage points are to the right. Head that way and get right of the two snipers (58%) hiding behind the walls, then deal with the armored soldier and cylinder (60%). Another sniper guards the exit path (61%).

When you reach the edge of the platform a large hover craft will appear directly ahead (62%). Two armored soldiers are stationed by a tank and two barrels. Take out the barrels with heavy weapons to kill everything at once (67%). When you start to cross the bridge another large hover craft (68%) will appear. Destroy it and then the two bazooka soldiers (70%) in the middle of the bridge. Three more snipers (73%) and a lot of grunt guard the next segment of the bridge. At the end of the bridge two small hover crafts (75%) and two bazooka soldiers (77%) are waiting.

You'll be outside the base entrance, which is guarded by three armored soldiers, a tank, and two soldiers with mortars. Kill the armored soldiers (80%) from a distance before you can even see the tank. Take out the tank quickly and it'll explode killing the two guys with mortars (86%).

Base interior[]

Your character hurries into the base and barely makes it before the blast door closes, sealing you in. A gunship in front of you charges its weapon when suddenly a creature emerges from a shaft and destroys the vehicle.

From here on out it's nothing but bosses. First you will fight Gegebonne (89%), and then jump down the shaft it was sitting in to fight the Guardian (92%). At the bottom of the shaft is a large room.

The first of the Hell Warriors: Guerilla Contra[]

Bill and Jaguar (even if you're playing a Lucia she won't be in any of the cut scenes) drop down and look around. A large tank drops down behind them and Guerilla Contra appears and introduces himself.

Guerilla Contra: Ha ha ha! So, the scum have finally arrived!

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: You must be the commander.

Bill Rizer: One of the Neo Contra elite.

Guerilla Contra: Right the first time! Guerilla Contra is my name. As your reward for getting this far, I'll grant you a quick death.

The mech starts out on four legs, but once you destroy all of the guns, it'll stand up on two legs and change it's attack pattern.

Guerilla Contra: (as the machine morphs into a two-legged phase) Transform into titan!

Hit the legs until Guerilla appears and then target him with lock-on weapons (100%).


Guerilla Contra: (as his vehicle explodes) With my last breath I hail thee, Master Contra!

[Scene cuts to a mysterious location elsewhere.]

Computer: Status report. Early this morning, frontline base 985 was destroyed by an enemy attack. We have confirmed that base commander Guerilla Contra perished in the assault.

Master Contra: Hmm... That means the assembly gave the order to send them in...

Computer Voice: Orders, sir?

Master Contra: Hmm... Let them come. But follow their progress closely.

Computer: Affirmative.

Master Contra: Interesting. Hopefully they will prove entertaining. Something to pass the time while the final preparations are completed.

Master Contra: Heh heh heh... [continues laughing evilly as the scene ends]

Mission 2[]

A character is shooting his way through a poster and then jumps down onto the streets below riding a motorcycle (it's the introduction to a stage from Contra: Shattered Soldier). The camera pans out revealing that it was a scene on a gigantic TV screen. Your character jumps through the screen on what appears to be an armored dinosaur.


As soon as the level begins you will be attacked by a series of soldiers on motorcycles that appear to be wielding yo-yos. Your best bet is probably to hit them with heavy weapons, however that really depends on what weapon set your using. Stay towards the middle of the screen since they come from behind and try to take them out quickly. There are five total (10%) and usually two are on screen at once. After that you will be attacked by ten small vehicles (20%), which will come from behind at first and then from the front. If they are behind you they will use their guns and if they are in front they will lay mines. There are a lot of them, but they are weak so use your rapid fire weapons.

Once the vehicles are destroyed the screen will change to a side view and you will be attacked by the first mini-boss, the Gunner (25%). Destroy it with your lock-on weapons as fast as possible, and as soon as it is destroyed a Transport Plane will attack. Destroy the propellers and cannons first (31%), and then go after the soldier (35%). Once it's destroyed you'll jump over a pit and start scaling the side of a building. A large green monster starts chasing you, but won't attack yet.


As you start to scale the building, soldiers will pop out of windows and drop barrels of what appears to be toxic waste. This is the hardest part in the stage, not because the enemies will kill you easily, but they don't stay out for very long and if you miss one you can't get a full 100%. Stay to the right take out the first one (36%), then move to the far left. Two guys will appear at once - kill the back one first then the one off to the side (38%). Move into the middle and kill the guy directly in front of the barricade (39%). Go around the left side of the barricade and kill the one directly ahead first and then the one to the far right (41%). Quickly move to the right and take out the one behind the next wall (42%), then move forward and kill the one in the center (43%). Go around either side of the barricade and kill one guy on each side (45%). Take out the final one in the middle (46%) and the green Mutant will break out of its muzzle and attack. Destroy the two cannons first (50%) and then go after the miniboss (60%).

You will then climb inside the base and head into a small room with two turrets firing at you occasionally and a bunch of explosives rolling around the screen. Ignore the explosives and destroy both of the turrets with lock-on weapons as quickly as possible (66%) and then take out the blast shield blocking your way (70%). You will run into another room set up exactly the same, except the blast shield now has a flame thrower and you can't hit the shield from the side, you have to be directly in front of it. Stay to the side and destroy the turrets as usual (76%) and then when you get a chance move in and hit the shield (80%). Hold down the shoulder button to keep your character facing the same direction and when you see the weapon start to power up, get out of the way. Once it's down you'll run into the boss room where Mystery G is fighting Plant Contra.

Plant Contra: Well, I never! What? You think you can equal the great Plant Contra? Just who do you think you are?

Mystery G: Equal? Hardly. A pansy like you isn't even a descent warmup. Hah!

[shoots Plant Contra until he falls]

Bill Rizer: [Bill and Jaguar arrive in the room to find Plant Contra defeated and Mystery G standing over him] Hmm... What's going on here?

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: It appears one of the four elite have been defeated.

Mystery G: You! You're Rizer. Bill Rizer?

Bill Rizer: Yeah, and you are?

Mystery G: Well, now... Let's just say Mystery G.

Bill Rizer: Mystery G...

Mystery G: So this is the Ultimate Soldier Contra. Let's see if you have what it takes to live up to that title.

[takes out his rifles]

Bill Rizer: What?

Mystery G: Ha ha ha ha ha! Let's see what you've got!

Mystery G has three attacks, which he will use one at a time and then repeat the pattern. If you have powerful enough weapons you can take him out before he uses his third weapon, which is very hard to avoid. In any case just keep firing (it helps to lock your character's direction like you did with the blast shields) and he'll fall soon enough (90%).

The second of the Hell Warriors: Plant Contra[]

Mystery G: [after being defeated] Interesting, you're not bad. Even so, will he be able to face him?

Plant Contra: [suddenly regains consciousness] How could I have been so careless?

Mystery G: Hmph, still twitching. But I'm tired of dealing with this weed. Rizer, go ahead uproot it.

Bill Rizer: Huh?

Mystery G: See ya!


Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: Hey, wait a minute!

Plant Contra: [very angry] What? Hey! No! Ugh! Don't ignore me! How dare you? Listen to me! I don't know who you are, and I don't care! But now you've really made me mad! En garde! Serious mode! Plant Flash!

[transforms into a monstrous plant]

You are in the same circular room as before, but now you are limited to the perimeter since Plant Contra takes up most of the screen. The first part is easy enough, but once you damage it enough the flower part will open up and there will suddenly be a lot more activity on the screen at once. Use your lock on weapons to hit it while focusing on avoiding everything on the ground (100%).


Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: [after defeating Plant Contra, Bill and Jaguar stand over his remains] Incredible. I can't believe he was a plant cyborg.

Bill Rizer: Yeah. But right now I'm more interested in that... Mystery G. What's his angle?

Mission 3[]

A volcano erupts, shooting Bill and Jaguar high into the sky. Once they land, the swim to the shore, still steaming.

Path to the base[]

Directly up ahead are two flying bots with search lights - destroy them with lock on weapons (2%). Further up is another searchbot (3%) and a swarm of ninja-grunts. At the end of the river is a mortar soldier on a hover craft. Take it out with lock on weapons (5%), and then destroy the artillery unit (6%) and finally the satellite dish (7%) to open the base doors.

Back in the water, two more hovering mortar cannons await (11%), another artillery unit at the end (12%) and finally a second satellite dish (13%) locks the middle doors. Once through the doors take out the next hovering mortar cannon (15%) and then fight through the grunts to two more searchbots (17%). There isn't another artillery unit and satellite, but instead a Walking Labia blocks the door. Destroy it with heavy weapons (20%) to open the doors. Now you must go through a series of small rooms guarded by: 2 snipers (22%), 2 bazooka soldiers (24%), and finally fiver snipers and two armored soldiers (31%). This will clear the way to the first miniboss, the Sand Worm (42%).

Base exterior[]

The entire base consists of one room, but you will have to fight three bosses here. First attack the Armored Mech when it drops its shields (80%), and then destroy the Flying Mech's cannons (85%) and control unit (90%). After both are destroyed Pheromone Contra will show up.

The third of the Hell Warriors: Pheromone Contra[]

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: [Bill and Jaguar are confronted by the third and only female member of Neo Contra] Ah, I guess this one is Pheremone Contra, then. Get ready!

Pheremone Contra: Ha ha ha ha ha! Always the tough guy, Billy dear!

Bill Rizer: Wha-? How do you know about me? And who the hell are you?

Pheremone Contra: My, my, what a cold reception! Now don't tell me you've forgotten.

[throws off her mask to reveal a familiar face, it's Lucia, from Contra: Shattered Soldier]

Bill Rizer: No, it can't be! Lucia?

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: What? This is the legendary bioroid you fought alongside with?

Bill Rizer: What do you think you're doing, Lucia? Why are you siding with them?

Pheromone Contra: Poor Billy, there are some things you're better off not knowing. But don't fear, I'll kill you now so you'll never have to deal with them.

Ignore the large mech in the background and focus on killing Pheromone Contra with heavy weapons. Try and keep your distance and move to the edge of the platform when she starts to power up. It'll take quite a few hits with any weapon to kill her (100%).


Pheromone Contra: [upon defeat] Ugh... It... It wasn't supposed to be...

Bill Rizer: Lucia, why? Answer me!

Pheromone Contra: Ugh... You always were tough, Bill. But that will be your undoing... Listen to me, resist all you want, but you can't hope to win, not against him.

Bill Rizer: [confused] What are you trying to tell me, Lucia?

Pheromone Contra: Goodbye...


Bill Rizer: Lucia.

[drops his gun and runs over to Lucia, now sounding more agonized]

Bill Rizer: Lucia!

[looks up to the sky and yells]

Bill Rizer: LUCIA!

Mission 4[]

Your character is seen running in place at an inhumanely fast pace against a sky backdrop. The camera pans out to show that you are running around the top of a helicopter.

Approach to the carrier[]

You will immediately be attacked by twelve green wasps which must be destroyed with lock on weapons (12%). They usually come in sets of three and fly around for a few seconds before attacking. Once they are out of the way you will be attacked by another Helicopter. Hit it as quickly as possible with lock on weapons, stopping only to clear out the mines when it becomes to dense. It takes a lot of hits, but can be destroyed with patience (17%).

Several missiles come flying at your helicopter, and one of them

destroys the helicopter that was just attacking you. All of the missiles miss, but then a battle cruiser appears near you and opens fire. The Battle Cruiser itself cannot be destroyed, instead you must take out eighteen different guns with lock on weapons (35%). The Cruiser isn't very hard, but you don't have much time to destroy the guns before the helicopter changes positions and the targets are out of range.

Aircraft carrier[]

A huge battleship flies in and pushes the cruiser out of the way.

It opens fire on your helicopter, destroying it, but not before Bill and Jaguar jump aboard the battleship. Things can get ugly in this section since there are a lot of ninja-grunts, mortar cannons, and very narrow spaces. When you first get aboard, take out the two armored soldiers (37%) and then the stationary helicopter (38%). Move forward and kill the two snipers (40%) and then the helicopter than gets lifted up by a crane (41%). Head back down and to the right to destroy the helicopter and turret (43%) and then the helicopter and turret to the left (45%). After they are taken care of head back up and kill the two armored soldiers across from where the crane was (47%).

Now you have to deal with four bazooka soldiers, two snipers, two armored soldiers, and two turrets (57%) around the corner. Right past there are two hover crafts (59%), two docked helicopters (61%) and a turret on a narrow walkway (62%). To destroy the turret wait until it stops firing and then run up and hit it with heavy weapons. Past this mess are two more bazooka soldiers (64%) and a missile launcher that has to be destroyed with lock on weapons (65%). Once you try and move onward your way will be blocked by energy fields and a radar dish will drop down. Destroy it before it fires on you (69%) and you won't have any problems.

Move around the island in the middle and take out the turret right behind it (70%) and the two snipers on either side (71%). First head down the right side and destroy the searchbot, sniper, and missile launcher (75%). Now head back down and destroy the same enemies on the left (79%). Move past the side guns when they aren't firing and kill the two snipers and two armored soldiers at the far end (83%). Once the big missile launcher opens up, destroy it (85%) and the battleship will be defeated.

The fourth of the Hell Warriors: Animal Contra[]

Bill Rizer: And you are?

Animal Contra: Animal Contra, the captain of this aircraft carrier.

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: So, another of the four elite.

Animal Contra: So thoughtful of you to wander blindly into my trap. HAHAHAHAHA!

Bill Rizer: A trap?

Animal Contra: Indeed! This ship is about to self-destruct! You will die, a moth drawn to my flame! Bwahahahaha!

Bill Rizer: You dog! You're going to sacrifice your own men!

Animal Contra: Flutter about all you want! Your time is over!

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: Wait! If you were truly a captain, you'd go down with the ship!

Bill Rizer: We won't let you get away!

Make sure you destroy Animal Contra's laser cannons (95%) before going after the body (100%). It's hard to hit the body, but easy to avoid the laser cannon, so just have patience.


Animal Contra's boat explodes, launching him into the sky, never to be seen again.

Your progress so far determines what happens next:

  • If you haven't finished all four stages you will be dumped back onto the main menu regardless of play mode and ranking.
  • If you've finished all four stages on easy mode the game is over, and you'll get a message telling you to play again on normal.
  • If you've finished the first four stages and have an overall ranking

of D, the game will end. All you get is a message telling you to get a higher score.

  • If you've finished all four stages and have ranking of C or higher Stage 5 will now appear on the main menu.

Mission 5[]

A gigantic bug is chasing grunts and snipers down a hallway, and manages to catch up to a few of them. The remaining soldiers run through a doorway and the bug follows. After an explosion a bunch of bug guts spill into the hallway, and then your character enters the base.

Ground floor[]

This level can get rather difficult, especially if its your first time through. Immediately up ahead are four pods and three large spiders (7%). Heavy weapons are better, however there are so many small spiders that you'll be better off with your rapid fire weapon. Two more large spiders are sitting around past the pods (9%). Five stems (14%) will pop up as soon as you get near them. You'll have to use your lock on weapons, and try to kill them quickly before the small spiders start to arrive. Three more large spiders and four pods (21%) are right past the stems, but if you approach slowly you won't have to fight everything at once. Past the bridge are three more pods and another large spider (25%). Kill everything and take the elevator down.

Two more stems and the only other walking labia in the game greet you (29%). Try to kill the stems before the labia appears and then move on. At the spilt in the path kill the two floating bugs (31%) and then go southwest to fight four more floating bugs (35%) and a group of black spiders. Kill the black spiders as fast as you can and while they're still bunched together. Once the move apart they are hard to hit. This is a dead end, so head back and southeast. Kill the black spiders before the large spider and floating bug (37%).

In the next area you have four stems, seven pods, and another large spider (49%). Kill everything and take the elevator down a floor. Destroy the group of four stems (53%) and then the next group of two stems (55%) and black spiders. At this point another one of the giant bugs seen in the intro will start to chase you. Don't bother fighting it or waste too much time with the spiders, just get to the elevator before it catches up to you.

The elevator will start to descend, but the bug will jump down on to it.

Hit the Alien Bug as hard as you can with heavy weapons. Once it starts to use it's eye lasers you're going to need to use your spin move to avoid being killed since you can't out run it. After you kill it (58%), it will turn into the Alien Moth, which isn't too much harder (61%).

Nest of aliens[]

Once you get off the elevator you will be in a room filled with small spiders and alien heads the burrow underground. As you approach them they will pop out, at which point you should use your heavy weapons. Make sure you kill all ten of them (71%) before moving on. In the next room are two more alien heads (73%) and seven alien spawners (80%). At the end of the hallway is an Alien Door that blocks your way. First the lower segment (81%) must be destroyed, and then the eye (82%) before the way will be cleared.

Red Falcon[]

When you enter the lab the floor opens up and Red Falcon's head appears.

Destroy the four smaller heads (90%) before going after Red Falcon's Head (95%). Once the head is destroyed the Brain will appear and attack you. Kill it (100%) to finish the level.


One of two events will occur, depending on your ranking.

First event

Master Contra: [laughs]

Bill Rizer: Wha?!

Master Contra: That was a truly valiant effor! Really, most entertaining!

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: Who are you?!

Master Contra: Isn't it obvious? I am the supreme commander of NEO CONTRA!

Bill Rizer: Commander? You must be Master CONTRA!

Master Contra: [laughs] Correct! I'll hand it to you, Bill Rizer. You beat my elite four. That's more than I expected from a fake!

Bill Rizer: Fake? What the hell are you talking about?

Master Contra: Ha! Perhaps this will clear thing up....

Bill Rizer: !!

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: Incredible! He could be you identical twin!

Master Contra: Let me introduce myself again. I am Bill Rizer. The real and original one!

Bill Rizer: Original one? What do you mean? Are you saying that I'm a... clone?

Master Contra: [laughs] You catch on quickly.

Bill Rizer: Shut up! This is nonsense. You're stalling.

Master Contra: Oh? Then I'll ask you this: What do you remember from before they put you in cold sleep? How much?

Bill Rizer: ?

Master Contra: You probably remember missions and battles fairly accurately. But beyond that, any personal memories? Disturbing how little you can recall, isn't it?

Bill Rizer: But that impossible.... How?

Master Contra: Oh, it's possible. Your memories have been pieced together by a military database.

Bill Rizer: That's... That's crazy!

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: Bill...

Master Contra: [laughs] You seem to be struggling with the truth. Though it hardly matters now. The time is upon us. The moment to enact my noble mission.

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: What are you planning? Huh?!

Master Contra: Goobdye, my little pawns!

Second event

Master Contra: [laughs]

Bill Rizer: Wha?!

Master Contra: That was a truly valiant effor! Really, most entertaining!

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: Who are you?!

Master Contra: Isn't it obvious? I am the supreme commander of NEO CONTRA!

Bill Rizer: Commander? You must be Master CONTRA!

Master Contra: [laughs] Correct! I'll hand it to you, Bill Rizer. You beat my elite four. That's more than I expected from a fake!

Bill Rizer: Fake? What the hell are you talking about?

Master Contra: Ha! Perhaps this will clear thing up....

Bill Rizer: !!

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: Incredible! He could be you identical twin!

Master Contra: Let me introduce myself again. I am Bill Rizer. The real and original one!

Bill Rizer: Original one? What do you mean? Are you saying that I'm a... clone?

Master Contra: [laughs] You catch on quickly.

Bill Rizer: Shut up! This is nonsense. You're stalling.

Master Contra: Oh? Then I'll ask you this: What do you remember from before they put you in cold sleep? How much?

Bill Rizer: ?

Master Contra: You probably remember missions and battles fairly accurately. But beyond that, any personal memories? Disturbing how little you can recall, isn't it?

Bill Rizer: But that impossible.... How?

Master Contra: Oh, it's possible. Your memories have been pieced together by a military database.

Bill Rizer: That's... That's crazy!

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: Bill...

Master Contra: [laughs] You seem to be struggling with the truth. Though it hardly matters now. The preparations for my noble mission are now complete. I let you proceed so that the assembly wouldn't suspect my real intentions. But now that deception is over. The time has come to dispose of you!

Bill Rizer: [screams in panic] I c-can't ccontrollll my b-body!

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: Dishonor! I let my guard down.

Master Contra: Haha!! The game is over! Die!

Mystery G: Not if I can help it!

Bill Rizer: Argh! Who is that?

Master Contra: You'll pay for that! [Master Contra kills Mystery G with a sword] Annoying vermin. It doesn't matter. It's time to depart. You'll just be part of the debris when I vaporize this planet. Goodbye!

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: [after Mystery G was fatally wounded by Master Contra, who just teleported out of the room, Bill and Jaguar are back on their feet] Where did he go?

Bill Rizer: [to the dying Mystery G] Hang on.

Mystery G: Ah... Don't worry about me. With these wounds, I'm already a goner. More importantly, you gotta get him!

Bill Rizer: But we can't just...

Mystery G: Listen, Rizer! Don't let his words rattle you. You know who you are. And how you live your life dictates who you are. You're not a fake if you risk your life fighting for your ideals. You are a true hero. You are Contra.

Bill Rizer: Just who are you?

Mystery G: The same as you. Contra... I was called that...

Bill Rizer: Hold on!

[Bill watches helplessly as Mystery G dies in his arms]

Mission 6[]

A rocket blasts off from the lab after Master Contra's base, which is now in orbit. The boosters break away revealing your character strapped to a jet pack.

Orbital base[]

You will have to fight ten armored enemies before you reach the base (20%). They appear quickly, but only one at a time. Once they open up hit them in the middle with a heavy weapon. If you hit the sides they will take much less damage and possibly fly off before you destroy them.

Master Contra[]

Bill Rizer: [Bill and Jaguar face off against Master Contra in his headquarters which is now floating above Earth about to destroy the planet] We've come to put an end to this!

Master Contra: Hmph! It's a shame you were able to chase me here.

Bill Rizer: You!

[he points at Master Contra]

Bill Rizer: What are you planning?

Master Contra: To eliminate the need for soldiers and the possibility of any new threats. And eventually, the complete destruction of all structured society.

Bill Rizer: What?

Master Contra: In any structured society, there are strict morals. However, to annihilate an enemy, we must conveniently forget those morals. This hypocrisy is deplorable. If we had society's foolish morals, we could never become ultimate soldiers.

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: You're crazy!

Master Contra: [laughs] Far from it. Our goals don't involve morals, they involve winning wars! That is the reason for our existence. But enough. The time for talk is over!

When you get onto the base you will have to fight Master Contra three times in the same room. First he will transport around the room swinging his sword (30%), then he will split the sword into multiple blades and throw them at you (40%). Finally he will clone himself and you'll have to find the real one (60%).

Master Contra (2)[]

Bill Rizer: [Bill and Jaguar defeat Master Contra only to find that he was a cyborg the whole time] What?

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: He was a machine!

Master Contra: [chuckles] You couldn't possibly have defeated me.

Bill Rizer: What are you?

Master Contra: [Bill Rizer's face appears on the floor] Project C. You and I are products of a project that started ten years ago. It was a master plan to stop the many conflicts on this planet. It was the ultimate weapons project, designed for complete genocide. The model for the project was the legendary and ultimate soldier, Bill Rizer.

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: What are you saying?

Master Contra: There were two different paths of research in the plan. One was to clone and recreate the ultimate soldier, Bill Rizer. You are the result of that plan. The other was to take Bill Rizer's consciousness and implant that into a weapon, which resulted in ME.

Bill Rizer: What? But that would mean...

Master Contra: Yes. This facility, which has the power to vaporize planets, is all me.

Yagyu 'Jaguar' Genbei: Wait, let me think for a moment. That would mean that you're the original Bill Rizer.

Master Contra: [shows footage of Bill Rizer] What is Bill Rizer? It is just a name of a single entity who has been gone for centuries. Bill Rizer is now a symbol. He is the never-ending desire for conquest, aggression incarnate. Power that exceeds all, pure destruction. And I am the original one. No, I have far surpassed the original. I am the ultimate form of Bill Rizer!

Bill Rizer: No, you're a joke! You're just a heap of metal with an inflated ego!

Master Contra: I don't expect you to understand, so I'll just have to force the issue. When I'm through, not a single strand of your DNA will remain.

You have 30 seconds to destroy the four life support pods connected to Project C before he destroys you in an electrical blast (100%). If time runs out its game over, regardless of how many lives you have left.


As before, your ranking determines the next event.

  • If your average ranking is a B or lower: The base is destroyed,

presumably with you still on it. While the weapon is destroyed, Project C is not. Rendered powerless, he is left drifting in space.

  • If your average ranking is an A or S: You will automatically start Stage 7.

Mission 7[]

The base is destroyed, leaving Project C alive. You are left standing on the remains of the base, left to fight Project C in his most powerful form.

Project C[]

The entire stage is simply a fight with Project C's second form. You can defeat him by using lock on weapons or you can simply wait several minuets and let him burn up in the atmosphere (100%).


The base is destroyed and Bill and Jaguar come crashing back down

to Earth. The hitch a ride on the back of a whale and return to the shore, having saved humanity from itself.

  • If your final average is an S and you are playing as Jaguar: Jaguar

stands alone against several waves of enemies. First a few foot soldiers, than a trunk, then a brigade of troops. After all of that a gigantic robot appears and Jaguar attacks. Unfortunately he accidentally cuts the entire planet in half. The scene ends with him and Bill swimming through the debris field.