The Neo-Salamander Force is the main antagonistic force in Contra ReBirth. It is an intergalactic alien army whose mysterious leader is only known by the name of "Chief Salamander". They traveled back from the future to the year 1973 in an attempt to neutralize the Contra Force, in a period when their weapons would be no match to theirs.


The Neo-Salamander Force is an intergalactic military group that will stop at nothing to achieve their nefarious plans. Their ranks are conformed for the most part by a race of reptilian-like alien humanoids, although a big number of mutant monstrosities and robots can also be encountered among their forces. They have access to a wide variety of futuristic military equipment, including firearms, transport vehicles and giant robots, just to name a few. However, not much is known about their mysterious leader, only that he goes by the pseudonym of "Chief Salamander".

Presumably around the year of 4444 AD,[1] they started a campaign to stop Earth's renowned Contra Force by traveling back through time to the year 1973, when their technology would still be primitive enough, making them an easy prey to their own advanced armaments.

Being informed of this, the Galactic President gave the order of putting legendary Contra commando, Bill Rizer (or likely a clone of him), out of cryostasis prison in order to stop them. He, along with fellow commando Genbei Yagyu, were sent back in time as well for this task, where they were later joined by an alien fighter called Newt Plissken. Through their combined efforts, the three soldiers were able to foil Neo-Salamander's plans in the end.

However, right after Bill was put back into cryostasis, Plissken revealed to the ship's navigator, BR-W9, that he had been working undercover all this time and that he actually was Chief Salamander, the leader of Neo-Salamander and the mastermind behind all this enterprise, presumably to fight Contra from the inside.

What transpired afterward is unknown, as this storyline was never further explored in any sequel, leaving this cliffhanger as one of the biggest plot holes in the history of the Contra series.


  • Contra ReBirth - 01
    During a cutscene, it is mentioned that Neo-Salamander used the Zelos Force, an iconic boss from the Gradius and Salamander series, to attack the Earth.
  • It is never explained what was the feud Neo-Salamander had against the Contra Force. Whether there was a hostile history between them or if it was just to take them out of the way in order to conquer Earth is unknown.


  1. 1.0 1.1 4444 AD is the year when Neo Contra takes place and when Plissken's contemporary soldier partners, Bill's clone and Genbei Yagyu, were known to be active, taking their lifetimes as reference.