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Necroid (天衝抜刀兵 ネクロイド Tentsuku Battō-hei Nekuroido?, lit. "Airborne Assault Blade-Drawer Necroid") is a recurring enemy in the Contra series. It is an infantry unit who flies with the aid of a jetpack on his back.



Troops of enemy soldiers that fly via jetpacks on their backs. Necroids made their first appearance in the original arcade version of Contra, where they are brainwashed human troops deployed on the battlefield in endless numbers by the Guldaf carrier through the hatches it has on its sides. Once on the ground, they charge forward and attempt to stab the player with the knives they carry.

Necroids didn't appear in the NES port of the game, as they were instead replaced by drones Guldaf releases in their place.

Super C[]

While Necroids didn't appear in the original arcade version of Super Contra, they did in Super C, the NES conversion of the game. They are encountered in the exclusive stage, Base Area 4, entering the screen from below as the player ascends through the mountainous initial section of the level.

In the European release, Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces, Necroids appear more as purple hornet-like robotic enemies.

Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

Jet Soldiers are alien troops that appear in Stage 4, Air Battle. They start their attack right after the battle against the Hellriders squad in the initial tunnel section of the level. The Jet Soldiers' main task is to assist the High Speed Tank Booby miniboss in battle. They chase the heroes as they're riding on jet motorcycles at high speed and then hover above them, reducing their speed a bit to get near the player, firing a single bullet at them from the guns they carry, and then speeding up to position themselves a bit further from the player again and repeat the same process until they are defeated. Up to three Jet Soldiers may populate the screen at a time if allowed to, and always propel forward if one reaches the left side of the screen, as to stay in front of the player(s). If ignored for a certain amount of time, a Jet Soldier will fly off-screen behind the player, soon being replaced by another. Each Jet Soldier has 4 HP and is worth 530 points. Once the tank is destroyed, they'll all cease to appear.

Contra: Hard Corps[]

Rocket Soldiers play a similar role, being airborne robots that hatch from missiles launched by the Small Tank miniboss and shoot small lasers at the player. These flying enemies are actually crucial for destroying this pursuing vehicle, as each time they have been shot down, they'll drop and roll on the ground, damaging the tank as they get run over by it.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

The GX Army utilized jetpacks during their scouting missions on Galuga Island. Unfortunately, all but Lieutenant Stanley Ironside were captured by Red Falcon forces and were brainwashed into working alongside the terrorist group. The flying scouts appeared during the assault on the Ice Train, using their jetpacks to easily keep speed with the fast-moving locomotive. The flying GX units provided air support for the other brainwashed GX units attacking the Contra commandos.

It is unclear as to why standard Red Falcon units did not utilize jetpacks, the closest to that being the Garth.




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  1. Internal name from Contra: Operation Galuga.