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The Mysterious Character is a character in Contra: Hard Corps. He is an odd-looking individual who apparently is always searching for potential participants who would like to try their luck in the Battle Arena.


In the Junkyard stage, right before entering the room to fight Noiman Cascade, if the player climbs up the wall instead, they will reach a secret screen where they'll meet the Mysterious Character.


A rather odd-looking individual wearing a suit, top hat, red bow tie and sunglasses. He asks the player if they would like to try their luck in the Battle Arena for a chance to win big money. If the player agrees, they'll enter a crowded fighting arena where they'll fight three bosses in succession: Simondo Belmont, Psycho Mother and Huge Face. If they succeed in defeating all three, a secret ending will take place where the heroes are sucked into an inter-dimensional portal and sent back in time to a prehistoric age, where they become leaders of a tribe of apes.

If the player does not accept the Mysterious Character's deal, they'll simply return to the room below and continue the level as normal (note that if the first gate door was shot down and destroyed, it will respawn upon reentering the room. Also, any Rotary Turrets not destroyed will disappear).


"Hey you! Wanna make some money in the Battle Arena?"

  • (Give it a try): Well! Good luck!
  • (Forget about it): Ha! Spineless jellyfish!


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