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The Mutant Dragonfly is a boss in Contra: Legacy of War and a miniboss in C: The Contra Adventure.



Contra: Legacy of War[]

The player faces this creature in the Mountain Stronghold after defeating the Domino Serpent. It flies around dropping eggs that hatch and attack the player. After taking enough damage, it goes down and the player has to fight the Serpent Monster.

C: The Contra Adventure[]

A weaker version of this creature is faced in the training mission of The Contra Adventure, where it's easily dispatched by throwing attacks upward. It behaves the same as it did in Legacy of War.


  • This boss appears to be a gigantic version (or evolution) of the Wing Lizard, a lesser enemy from Contra: Hard Corps.
  • It returns in the training mission of C: The Contra Adventure, implying that it was the same creature being rebuilt and secretly used by the human forces for training purposes.

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