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Ms. Fiona Swift is a character and a secondary antagonist in Contra: Rogue Corps. She was the CEO of SwanLabs, who also worked as a covert ally to General Phoenix during the Damned City affair.

She was voiced by Erica Schroeder.


Ms. Fiona Swift was the CEO of SwanLabs, a scientific research facility that was working on a cure to replicate the psychic immunity the Jaegers had. At one point, they sent a research team to the Damned City to continue their studies, but lost contact with them. Ms. Swift hired the Rogue Corps to rescue them, offering a substantial amount of money for their return and having especial interest in the team's lead scientist, Dr. Claude Banks.

The Rogue Corps successfully accomplished this mission and brought the doctor back to SwanLabs to collect their reward. However, right after giving them her initial compliments, Ms. Swift revealed that she had been working for General Phoenix all along. As she was speaking these words, the gate of the facility opened, revealing Phoenix commanding a troop of armed soldiers ready to attack. It was also at this moment that Phoenix revealed that he was the real CEO of SwanLabs. Phoenix then proceeded to reveal his plans and why he wanted Dr. Banks back; he planned to mass-produce the psychic inhibiting serum the doctor had created in order to be able to send as many men as he wanted to the Damned City and steal its treasures.

Fortunately, before the troops could seize them, Lily remotely activated the Guillotine's miniguns and got rid of all the troops, although both Phoenix and Ms. Swift survived the attack. After the Rogue Corps made their escape, Ms. Swift informed Phoenix that they didn't have much serum left, but that it was enough for a squad.

Many confrontations between the Rogue Corps, Phoenix's forces and the Damned City's mutants took place after this event, but the Rogue Corps ultimately succeeded in defeating Phoenix and "kill" the Damned City. All the SwanLabs workers were apprehended, with Ms. Swift following the same fate. The last time she was seen, she was hanging in the air from her dress in Hungry Beast's teeth.



  • Her role in the game is very similar to that of Doctor Geo Mandrake in Contra: Hard Corps. Both are head directors of a research center who fake an alliance with the protagonists, only to at some point betray them and reveal they were working for the main antagonist of that game all along.

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