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Ms. Harakiri, also known as Sweets Manson, is a playable character in Contra: Rogue Corps. She is a famed assassin specializing in stealth and infiltration. After barely escaping death during the Alien Wars, she fused together with an alien known as the Inner Demon, who now takes residence in her midsection and with whom she now lives together in a symbiotic relationship.

She was voiced by Katie Boren and the Inner Demon was voiced by Michael Liscio, Jr.


Member of the Rogue Corps squad.

She is a deadly assassin with incomparable skills and was feared by both foes and allies during the Alien Wars.

She fought with the strongest of the aliens in a duel, but both were fatally wounded, and ended with no other choice than to fusion in order to survive, resulting in the alien living in Ms. Harakiri's belly.

However, the alien is constantly lurking on an opening to take control of its host's body, which is why Ms. Harakiri always has her mighty sword Muramasa stuck in her belly to seal the alien's power.

They don't get along very well, but sometimes when they are up against the wall she removes the sword to unleash the alien's power.
~ Description rom the official Contra: Rogue Corps website





  • Her nickname, Harakiri, and the fact that she plunges a sword through her belly to keep the Inner Demon in line, is a reference to the real life act of hara-kiri (better known as seppuku), a ritualistic form of suicide mainly used by samurais during medieval times in Japan that involves cutting one's stomach with a blade.
  • Her surname being 'Manson' and having a blade through her abdomen may be a reference to Charles Manson, an American criminal and cult leader who was indirectly responsible for several murders in the late 1960s.
  • The monster on her body has a similar appearance to the one seen on Getsu Fuma's armor.