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The Monster Genesis Machine (モンスタージェネシスマシン Monsutā Jeneshisu Mashin?) is a boss in Contra: Hard Corps.


After defeating a mecha inside the enemies' secret jungle base, the Hard Corps get ambushed by a squad commanded by none other than the leader of the rebellion himself, Colonel Bahamut, who is accompanied by a rather unexpected guest, Doctor Geo Mandrake, who reveals that he has been in collaboration with the colonel from the beginning, as this alliance has allowed him to continue his research on the alien cell. The heroes are then given the option to either fight to the end or to surrender peacefully. If the former is chosen, they'll be dropped into a room below where they will face the doctor's terrible Monster Genesis Machine.

The apparatus counts with two large glass tubes, one on each side, and an enclosed central one, where the resulting experiments are delivered, with the doctor controlling the machine from a seat on its top.

Inside each glass tube a creature is summoned; both are then teleported to the central one, where a mutated monstrosity –merge of both creatures– will emerge and attack the heroes. The fight consists of fending off a gauntlet of these bizarre creations.


Ingredients Creature result Description
Wing Lizard + Dumpling Flying centipede
Flying Centipede
Simply sluggishly flies around the entire room with its long, winged body. Can be shot anywhere except the tip of its tail. It can fly through the floor, making it unshootable to non-penetrating/piercing weapons fire. Has roughly 190 HP.
Ukki + Wing Lizard Winged beast
Flying Beast
Flies high above the screen or in circles near the hero(es). In an orderly repeated two-step pattern, will strike high with an attempted grab at the player (similar to a Gigafly), then almost immediately follow up with an overhead blast of twin ball-shaped projectiles which chase along the ground toward a player's direction. Has about 65 HP.
Wing Lizard + Peni Flower Flying flower
Flying Flower
Flies around the room spewing out yellow projectiles toward the ground with every winged leap. Has 120HP.
Peni Flower + Dumpling Walking flower
Walking Flower
Walks toward the player's direction and releases 5 random power-ups (one at a time) until the creature is offscreen or destroyed. Only has 5 HP.
Dumpling + Ukki Centipede beast
Centipede Beast
Steadily charges at a hero, then after they either slide or jump over this beast, it stops to unleash its extending legs/tail on the floor in a long reaching sweep before charging and repeating its pattern. On some occasions, may unleash its tail attack before a hero jumps over it when within range. Has about 140 HP.
Ukki + Peni Flower Flower beast
Flower Beast
Like the previous creature, it quickly charges toward a hero. It extends its flower tall so jumping over it is impossible. A hero must slide through the beast and when that happens, the creature stops moving and launches a cluster of red sphere-shaped projectiles that slowly land near the hero's position. These projectiles can be disintegrated with weapon's fire. The beast may on some occasions stop in front of a hero to fire off its projectiles. When it fires, its flower shrinks down for a brief moment, allowing a hero the only opportunity to jump over it. Has about 100 HP.

Realizing that his creations fail to get rid of the soldiers time and time again, the doctor decides to summon several creatures on each pod at once, although this makes the machine to go haywire, resulting in it creating an even more grotesque mutant abomination that ends up snatching the ambitious doctor with its long tongue and eats him alive. The invincible creature then wanders around the room, bouncing between walls until it comes to a halt and transforms itself into a monstrous form.


Monster Genesis Machine - 02

A monstrosity that is actually an amalgamation of several other creatures. It features a purple plant-like head that bears a rather sad expression. Two large crab-like legs protrude from its sides, giving the creature great mobility. The plant face opens the top of its head, revealing it to be a fanged mouth from which another, more aberrant, horned head with one eye comes out. The monster bears a glowing red core on its underside which acts as its weak spot.

Fukinsheen will make a large jump at a random location around the room, then it will fire a laser projectile from its core straight toward the floor (either in a rampage or to blast anyone situated underneath). Afterward, the horned head will fire 12 seeds from its mouth; these will fall straight down, but will curve before approaching the ground in the direction of our hero(es). The mutant will finally prepare to jump again and then the cycle repeats. Its legs can absorb a multitude of weaponry; only piercing weapons or explosion based weaponry can penetrate through them. If none are available, our hero(es) may have to get dangerously up close and personal with the core while avoiding the beams and seeds the mutant fires upon. By carefully moving up close to a leg, it is possible for normal bullet fire to pass-thru the legs as the gun barrel pokes through a leg, allowing bullets through, though this can prove dangerous as a hero will be harmed by the creature's leg once it jumps so caution is advised when using this hit and run strategy. The creature possess roughly 105 HP.



  • This machine, both in appearance and way of functioning, is a direct reference to the 1986 science-fiction horror film The Fly, where an eccentric scientist uses a pair of "telepods" with the intention of teleporting objects from one to the other, but when he tries to teleport himself and a fly inadvertently enters the machine with him, it instead merges both, turning him into a monster.
  • None of Ray's weapons (aside from grenades) can pierce through Fukinsheen's legs. However, at certain angles when firing the "B" or "C" weapon, some bullets may pass through. This may be a glitch, mostly due to the amount of sprites onscreen or the amount of bullets being fired at once.
  • Likewise, due to a sprite glitch from hardware limitations, the normal gun's bullets can pass through Fukinsheen's legs if two players are present, making the battle much easier, as all a player has to do is to simply stand and fire from a safe distance, while avoiding Fukinsheen's attacks. This glitch lasts for as long as there are two players active on the battlefield. If one player receives a Game Over, this issue is solved.
  • Hard Corps Einstein Boss form 1
    The first form of Fukinsheen has an appearance that bears a slight resemblance to the face of Albert Einstein, a German-born theoretical physicist whom Doctor Geo Mandrake is based off.
  • Doctor Geo Mandrake was edited out of the machine battle in Probotector (MD). As a result, this makes Fukinsheen begin its walking animation almost immediately as it enters the battlefield.
    • Despite this, the doctor's pounding sound when a creation is defeated still remains.

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