The Monster Genesis Machine (モンスタージェネシスマシン Monsutā Jeneshisu Mashin?) is a boss in Contra: Hard Corps.


After defeating an unmanned mecha inside the enemies' secret jungle base, the Hard Corps get ambushed by a squad commanded by none other than the leader of the rebellion himself, Colonel Bahamut, who is accompanied by a rather unexpected guest: Doctor Geo Mandrake. The latter reveals that he has been in collaboration with the colonel from the beginning, as this alliance allows him to continue his research on the alien cell. The heroes are then given the option to either fight to the end or to surrender peacefully. If the former is chosen, they will be dropped into a room below where they will face the doctor's terrible Monster Genesis Machine.

The apparatus counts with two large glass tubes, one on each side, and an enclosed central one, where the resulting experiments are delivered. The doctor controls the machine from a seat on its top.

Inside each glass tube a creature is summoned; both are then teleported to the central one, where a mutated monstrosity —merge of both creatures— will emerge and attack the heroes. The fight consists of fending off a gauntlet of several of these bizarre creations.


Realizing that his creations fail to get rid of the soldiers time and time again, the doctor decides to summon several creatures on each pod at once, which makes the machine go haywire, creating an even more grotesque Mutant abomination that ends up snatching the ambitious doctor with its long tongue and eats him alive.


Monster Genesis Machine - 02

This unnamed monstrosity is an amalgamation of several creatures. It features a purple plant-like head that bears a rather sad expression. Two large crab-like legs protrude from its sides, giving the creature great mobility. The plant face opens the top of its head, revealing it to be a fanged mouth from which another, more aberrant, horned head with one eye comes out. The monster bears a glowing red core on its underside, which acts as its weak spot.


  • This machine, both in appearance and way of functioning, is a direct reference to the 1986 science-fiction horror film The Fly; where an eccentric scientist uses a pair of "telepods" with the intention of teleporting objects from one to the other, but when he tries to teleport himself and a fly inadvertently enters the machine with him, it instead merges both, turning him into a monster.

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