Miyao Copper (ミヤオカッパー Miyao Kappā?) is a miniboss in Contra: Hard Corps. It is a gigantic insectoid-like creature that shoots fast-traveling projectiles from its snout.


A creature of unknown origins resembling a gigantic insect, probably being a failed experiment while using the alien cell. It resembles a purple skeleton with two big clawed hands, a pair of bug-like eyes, a snout and an exposed piece of tissue on the top of its head which acts as its weak spot.

It appears about one third through the Jungle stage, making a rather dramatic entrance as the Hard Corps are crossing a hanging bridge. The monster slowly emerges from a big waterfall in the background and takes hold of the bridge with its two enormous hands. It then proceeds to violently shake it up and down with the soldiers still on it in an attempt to disorient them. Afterward, its whole body will turn red and it will start shooting a volley of exploding projectiles from its snout at an absurd speed straight down. Once this attack finishes, it will once again take hold of the bridge and the whole pattern will start anew.