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The Missile Soldier is a recurring enemy in the Contra series. It is either a human or robot enemy that carries a large missile and attacks by throwing it at the player, producing a huge explosion.


Contra: Hard Corps[]

A rollerskating robot carrying a giant missile over its head. It is encountered in a section of the High Speed Fight level, where it gives chase to the player.

It is notoriously resilient, with this feature being precisely its major threat, as if it's not destroyed in time, it will eventually throw the missile forward, with the ensuing explosion destroying everything on the screen and leaving absolutely no chance of survival.

Contra: Shattered Soldier[]

The Missile Trooper is an enemy Ledder of the Blood Falcon army who rides an active rocket. They appear within the docks of the train station in two variants:

  • The first wave of soldiers appear once the submarine flyer ship has its front cannon decimated. When the machine takes to the skies, a missile with a soldier hugging onto it appears in the background. It catches up to the position of the player(s) from the background then quickly flies off screen to the right. Within the next second, they fly directly horizontal towards a player's last known location for a kamikaze strike. They can be avoided with proper timing, but eliminating them is necessary for a higher Hit Rate. The easiest way to destroy them is to remain on the ground at all times when they appear, gain as much distance away from them toward the right side of the area, and fire straight toward the left with the Machine Gun or a properly timed charged Fire Whip blast.
  • The second wave of missile riders appear once the commandos escape the airship. These type fly from the right and hang onto the missiles while firing. Avoid their bullets and destroy them quickly for Hit Rate before the next section of the stage commences.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

Missile soldiers appear during the ride onboard the Ice Train. As the Contra Unit take to the side of the train riding hover bikes, they are attacked by these high speed running/skating troops lifting a large rocket. These troops wear green clad armor, signifying their allegiance to the GX Army. However, these troops are now brainwashed enemies following orders from Red Falcon.



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