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A giant caterpillar-like alien that was genetically modified for food. Despite its ferocious and grotesque appearance, its flesh is very delicious and nutritious as manten! Rumor has it that all human beings of the future will live by eating from Mince Worms.

The Mince Worm is a miniboss in Contra: Shattered Soldier.


The Mince Worm is a large white caterpillar-like alien creature that is fought on a conveyor belt that feeds into a spiky grinder. It clings to the ceiling and crawls across it. When the heroes reach the conveyor belt, it soon begins to activate, pulling them toward the grinder. The large creature is then seen entering the room from above, slowly crawling forward until it is directly above the grinder. The beast then commences with its two-step attack pattern:

Attack Description
Phase 1

Contra Shattered Soldier Mission 3 Mince Worm Laser co-op
The Mince Worm spews yellow globs at the player that angle and ricochet off surfaces until they reach the left side of the room and vanish. The Mince Worm fires them at a steady rate and at slightly different angles each time. Eventually, the player may feel swarmed by the sheer number of bouncing projectiles. Steady timing is needed to evade these tricky projectiles. After a set amount of time has passed, the Mince Worm will cease and begin to slowly crawl toward the left edge of the screen. If the player is hanging on the roof, they are forced to jump down or else receive damage. Once the player drops down, they cannot reach the top roof again has it is too high out of reach. Once the Mince Worm reaches the left side of the room, its second phase begins.
Phase 2

Shattered Soldier Mince Worm attack 2
Now at the left of the conveyor belt, the creature begins to spew spiked mines on the conveyor belt that absorb bullet fire. The player must jump over the spiked mines while avoid being crushed by them and the grinder. The creature tends to spew in vast numbers, leaving very little gaps to safely jump in between or very little safe jumping room. After a certain amount of time has passed, the creature ceases and begins to crawl slowly toward the right side of the screen, repeating Phase 1.

During this phase, it is possible to climb above the grinder and reach the roof. The Mince Worm anticipates this tactic however and will interrupt its attack to perform a quick dash forward toward the player should they hang or shelter near the top-right side of the room. This dash also has the creature quickly return to its left side spot. This attack can catch players off-guard as the creature otherwise performs slow movements throughout the battle. If a player has quick reactions, it is possible to exploit this behavior by quickly reaching the top-right spot and then immediately jump back down to the conveyor belt, then immediately repeat to catch the Mince Worm in an infinite loop. The player must jump over the grinder or else they will touch it and die from simply walking off the ledge. This trick works best in co-op, as one player can perform this exploit while another can simply continue firing at the beast without concern from its spiked mines.

The player must damage it directly any opportunity they can while avoiding its attacks. After receiving enough damage, the creature soon crawls to the center of the roof, being invincible as it does (note that the creature is still lethal to touch even after defeat). Once at the center, it falls onto the belt and is grounded up into mush as it wiggles in vain trying to escape. Its meat is then seen being fed to a biologically independent eel-like alien creature called the Gluttonous Ugougo. Just before this next boss encounter, another Mince Worm can be seen harbored inside a containment capsule.


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