• I live in Russia
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Retro gaming
  • I am Male
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  • translators are too unreliable. I assume you understand Chinese. So here are some quotes.

    来呀,战个痛快,别怂! - Snow Bear

    再快的腿也跑不过我的子弹. - Catelyn

    神龙的背脊上,也有我砍下的伤疤. - 018

    这世间,唯有伙伴不可抛. - Han Feng

    因背叛而牺牲的人,我会为你们报仇. - Maturated Sheena

    对待敌人,要像对待刀剑一样认真! - Senbei

    what do they say?

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    • I do not understand Chinese. I use Google Translate on English and Russian and choose better variant. Those quotes are:

      Snowbell: "Come on, enjoy the battle, don't worry!"

      Catelyn: " Fast legs will not overtake my bullets! "

      018: "On the back of Shenlong, there are also scars that I cut down." No idea who is Shenlong...

      Han Feng: "In this world, only friends don't leave you."

      Sheena: "I will take revenge on those who died because of betrayal."

      Senbei: " Treat the enemy as seriously as you should treat your sword! "

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