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The Mega-Fiend is the final boss in Contra: Rogue Corps. It is a gigantic genetically enhanced Fiend bearing two snake-like limbs.


The Mega-Fiend is a large and very powerful Fiend. It is first encountered when the Rogue Corps enter the Damned City with Dr. Banks for the second time to shut down the Damnation Engines that were powering up the city. After successfully acquiring one of these artifacts, Lily contacted them to set up a pickup point. However, one of General Phoenix's men found them and sent their coordinates to his superior.

Wanting to take them by surprise, Phoenix, along with his troops, arrived at the rendezvous location on a carrier that was almost identical to the Guillotine. After revealing the hoax, and his men surrounding the heroes, the General started to descend from the carrier on top of a large freighter, but thanks to the quick reaction of Hungry Beast and the rest of the Rogue Corps, they were able to deal with most of the opposition. It was at this moment when the General revealed his secret weapon by opening the freighter and letting out a giant and especially deformed Fiend known as the "Mega-Fiend".

The monster started attacking the heroes, making them drop the Damnation Engine they had just retrieved. Curious about what this unknown artifact could be, and thinking it could increase the Mega-Fiend's powers, Phoenix picked it up proceeded to attach it to the beast. However, the procedure had an unexpected reaction, and apart of effectively giving the monster a vast amount of power, it ended up fusing Phoenix with it. The resulting abomination was a gigantic creature many stories tall and with two equally gigantic snake-like limbs. Realizing they didn't have a chance against such gargantuan monster, the Rogue Corps opted to escape the place.

After enduring through many battles and hardships, the Rogue Corps ultimately faced the Mega-Fiend once again, and this time they emerged victorious from the battle. However, this wasn't the end of the Phoenix/Mega-Fiend hybrid, and in the end, the surviving General could be seen finding and picking up another Damnation Engine with which to further increase his powers.


  • The Mega-Fiend apparently is a genetically engineered enhanced form of Fiend. Reasons to reach this assumption include the absence of similar sized and/or shaped Fiends, the many mechanical parts it possesses, its body apparently being an amalgamation of many other types of Fiends, the only one in existence being in possession of General Phoenix, and the latter's association with a medical research laboratory.



  • The Mega-Fiend in its second/main form strongly resembles Emperor Demon Gava, being a gigantic alien (or alien-like) monster many stories tall with two snake-like limbs.

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