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Black Viper doesn't seem to get tired of simply destroying humanity. She wants to transform humans into ugly figures and perhaps increase her army. As the Contra unit arrived earlier than planned, Black Viper hastily decided to rush the developmental process and let the zombies walk around.
~ Translated description from the Contra 4 online manual

The Meat Puppet (肉奴隷 Niku Dorei?, lit. "Meat Slave") is an enemy in Contra 4.


Contra 4[]

Formerly humans that were captured and transmuted by Black Viper into horribly mutated zombies as part of an attempt to increase the number of her troops. Meat Puppets are first encountered in the Laboratory, where they presumably were created, and are later found wandering about the streets of the City.

They slowly shamble forward and, while not being particularly resilient, they won't go down in one shot either. Most of the times they are encountered in large groups and/or among other more mobile enemies.

If not dispatched quickly enough, they will eventually explode, sending contaminated body chunks/spores spreading out in eight directions. These green spores are lethal to the touch and will keep on flying until they leave the screen. This attack method can potentially become very dangerous if many of them are allowed to explode at the same time, resulting in a large number of projectiles flying all over the screen.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

Meat Puppets make a return in Operation Galuga, where they can be seen wandering around in the laboratory of the Galuga Archipelago, or they can suddenly break out of one of the holding tubes whenever the player gets close. Meat Puppets behave differently in Operation Galuga compared to Contra 4, as when they are approached, they will stop in their tracks, with a pustule on their mutated bodies growing until they detonate, sending their contaminated remains in eight directions. Meat Puppets that come out of the experimental tubes will be kneeling on the ground, preparing to explode. Because these Meat Puppets are kneeling, shooting while standing will only have the bullets pass over them, so crouching while shooting is recommended to deal with them.


Sprites and models[]


  • The name of this enemy may be a reference to the Meat Puppets, an American rock band formed in 1980. Konami is well known for making references to classic rock music bands and songs in their games.


  1. Internal name from Contra: Operation Galuga.