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Main Menu, or simply Menu, are a series of background music themes that generally play during a game's main menu (it should not be confused with the "Title" theme of the game). As the Contra series evolved, some of its titles started to include new modes of play (some of them unlockable after satisfying certain conditions). In these particular games, after going through the title screen, the player is presented with a main menu where they can select from a number of options to start a playing session with specific characteristics (use an unlocked character, start from a specific stage (possibly in a harder Difficulty setting), etc.). In games that feature these menus, a music theme usually plays in the background. This theme is usually unique for each game and/or is a slow pace remix of another, well known theme from the series.


Title Game Audio Usage
Stage Select Operation C Stage Select screen
Dearest Contra: Shattered Soldier Title screen/main menu BGM
Title Screen Neo Contra Title screen/main menu BGM
Menu Contra 4 Main menu BGM
Main Menu Contra: Evolution Main menu BGM
Main Menu Hard Corps: Uprising Main menu BGM

See also[]

  • Contra (music theme) - In some games, the same music track is indistinctly used for both the Title Screen and the Main Menu.