For the character codenamed "Mad Dog" in the American localization, see Bill Rizer.
The night when the Black Viper's great army descended upon the Earth, Contras Mad Dog and Ray Poward were at a party. Needless to say, Black Viper's invasion ended the party. Now they're pissed. This "dog" may not have much actual experience compared with the other Contras, but if this mission did not have Bill Rizer, the next best slaughter candidate would definitely be this guy.
~ Translation from the Japanese Contra 4 instruction booklet

Mad Dog is a character in the Contra series. He is a commando, member of the Contra force, who made his debut as an individual character in Contra 4.


According to Contra 4ʼs partially re-written chronology of Contra, Mad Dog first appeared in Operation C alongside his friend Scorpion. (Note: Mad Dog and Scorpion were originally the American codenames for Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, respectively. Moreover, Mad Dog's appearance was based on Bill Rizer's in the arcade version of Super Contra.)


Operation C

Although it is unclear whether it was Mad Dog or Scorpion in the role of the playable character, Operation C lets the player control a character in all-green clothes (like Mad Dog) and slightly tan skin (like Scorpion). He wears a black head-band and has somewhat cropped, blond hair (like Bill Rizer).

Contra 4

In Contra 4, Mad Dog wears dark green pants and a white bandanna. He is also the only African-American member of the Contra team.

In the official Contra 4 manga, he favors wearing his bandanna in a do-rag style and has a fondness for heavy weapons; the comic shows him repeatedly take foes down with a rocket launcher. 


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  1. According to the revised chronology presented in Contra 4.