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Lux Corona (白扇 Hakusen?, lit. "White Fan") is a boss in Hard Corps: Uprising.


A giant mechanical ring packed with many energy weapons. It later reveals itself to be a transforming robot.

It appears at the end of the Capital Highway, flying from afar to quickly catch up to the fleeing heroes.


The entire battle is fought in a 2.5D Gradius style environment. The boss has multiple phases that make the fight last for a while.

Phase 1[]

Appearing as a giant ring with a core (highly similar to Big Core from the Gradius series), it positions its large self at the center of the screen and slowly spins clockwise. The boss's weak points are the four cores on the outer sides of the large pink ring. However, each core is guarded by two destructible glass walls. As a hero gets closer to a weak point, two laser ports activate and fire off a set of energy beams that can be avoided by being directly between them. Once two walls of a weak point are eliminated, three pairs of lasers will be fired up on during each blast. After a core is destroyed, a ring laser is revealed that fires blue energy rings at a steady rate. These ring ports can optionally be destroyed. Once all four outer cores are eliminated, the boss shifts to its next phase.

Phase 2[]

As the four cores become damaged, parts of its outer ring become unstable and explode. The hero(es) must now destroy more cores located between its inner ring and its core body. By using a small hole blown open on its inner ring, a hero must pass through it and navigate themself between the two parts of the boss. To make the goal more difficult, the core will also unleash a large lime-colored energy ball that slowly homes in on a hero. It can be shot, but when damaged, the boss splits apart into four smaller lime-balls in a x-shaped path. Only one large ball will chase the heroes at a time. Destroying all cores will cause the larger ring to fall apart and crash, setting up the final phase of the boss.

Phase 3[]

A small cutscene will play out where the remains of the Lux Corona transform into a humanoid robot. It then stretches its body, giving an appearance of itself holding onto the outer ring. It starts this phase by spinning around rapidly while firing a massive amount of small blue energy projectiles and slow moving mid-sized lime energy balls. The Reflect action is effective on this boss, as the blue bullets can be deflected back for minor damage. When enough damage is received, the boss eliminates all bullets and starts to steadily move back and forth between screen sides while rotating in a 3d-esque fashion. The boss's hitbox is difficult to accurately tell so it is best to stay somewhat close to the core to avoid its rings harming the heroes with its contact damage. The core is the only part of the boss that remains in place, and it must be shot at during this attack. When enough damage is delivered, the boss will become invincible until its rotation lands it back to the center of the screen.


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