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Who... Who am I?
~ Lucia Zero in Contra Returns

Lucia Zero is a playable character in Contra Returns. She is a clone of Lucia, the daughter of Doctor Geo Mandrake. She was the first experimental clone to awake and was therefore named "Zero".


Dr. Geo Mandrake lost his daughter Lucia in the war and spent years studying alien cell technology and genetic engineering in order to bring her back to life. She was the first awakened experiment and was therefore named "Zero".
~ Official description

Dr. Geo Mandrake, having lost his beloved daughter Lucia in the war, researched cell technologies and genetic engineering for years to bring her back to life. The first of his specimens to come to consciousness was named "Zero".

...A cold, lifeless body lay in a cryogenic pod as Team Contra stepped foot on the Galuga Archipelago. This was a clone created by Dr. Geo Mandrake in an attempt to bring his deceased daughter Lucia back to life. However, his experiment did not succeed, and the inanimate body ended up becoming a "spoil of war" for Team Contra. It was back at the Marine Corps base that the project finally came to fruition.

Technology can be used to create zombies, as well as spark life. It was Bill Rizer who gave her the name "Lucia Zero". Of course, while the clone looked like Lucia and sounded like Lucia, she was also a blank slate at the same time. She had zero memories, zero emotions, and zero desires and motivations. It was as if she was born to do battle. So, she began training under the tutelage of Team Contra. She became Lucia Zero the "Machine Battlemaid", she who is pure of heart and stunning in appearance.

Zero was a brave fighter. One thing she understood keenly is that she had to forge ahead with bravery, no matter what. It was her raison-d'être, and whoever stood in her way had to die.

Life for Zero was simple and direct. She treated her friends, her enemies, and herself with complete and utter matter-of-factness. She was friendly to her teammates and followed orders without question. She was easy to work with, especially since she never, ever uttered a word of complaint. To her, battle was just a game. All she ever did all day was pull the trigger, pull the trigger, pull the trigger... Of course, she had her moments of doubt. She wondered about her past, and wondered about Lucia. However, these thoughts would disappear as quickly as they came. "Just... just who am I?" "I am Lucia Zero. That, and nothing more."

However, she never really confronted the question of who she was until she came face-to-face with Dr. Mandrake again. It was during a battle that Lucia Zero had become separated from the doctor, and it was another battle at a Red Falcon-controlled port in the Gulf of Mexico that brought the two of them together again. It wasn't all hugs and kisses when the two were reunited. While the doctor was technically her life-giver, both in the scientific and biological sense, Lucia had no idea how to respond to his genuine shows of affection. After all, one of the things he had not given her was her memories. She said few words during the encounter, not out of spite, but because she really had no other choice.

Team Contra eventually managed to convince Dr. Mandrake to stay behind and take care of Lucia Zero. For Zero, it was beginning to feel more like home. She had her exemplars in the form of Bill and Lance, her friends Operator Tina and Pulse, and now, her father. Of course, the two of them talked about Lucia fairly often in the beginning. However, as time went by, the doctor started to just call her "Zero", instead. At the same time, Zero was beginning to build her own life as well, with new memories of her very own.


  • "Please, don't do anything unrelated to the mission."



  • Lucia is able to summon a small robot called "CX-2", apparently the same "CX" series of combat robots which Bull (CX-1-DA-1000) and Scar (CX-1-DA-2000) belong to.

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