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An elite soldier of the Commonwealth and a member of the Death Squad who reveres Tiberius greatly and swears his allegiance to the Empire. He has a burning hatred for his former comrade Bahamut after his defection from the Empire.
~ In-game description

Leviathan is a character from Hard Corps: Uprising. He appears as both an antagonist and an unlockable playable character.


Bahamut's former friend and rival when he was still in the Commonwealth. Leviathan sets out to find out why his friend betrayed the Empire. He commands his own special mechas known by their first name "Knight".

The first mecha, called Knight Persica, is the boss of the second stage, Jungle, in the game.

Later, Leviathan himself is a miniboss during a chase sequence in the seventh stage, Capital Tower Building. His second mecha, named Knight Lunata, is also the first main boss in the same stage.


For a full list of Leviathan's power-ups, see Leviathan/Customize List.

Leviathan is playable via DLC. He initially starts with 2% out of 100% upgrades available, the lowest base upgrade percentage out of all playable characters. His second alternate costume bears a black and white motif resembling the Union Force uniform Bahamut and Krystal wear.

Leviathan possesses only one Health Bar and can carry only one special weapon power-up. This makes his gameplay very similar to older titles such as Contra, Super C, and the Game Boy titles. When pressing the select weapon button, he tosses grenades in front of him, similarly to the Crush Gun. In Rising Mode, he has exclusive agile techniques that can be unlocked, such as the Moonsault and Slide maneuvers.


Boss enemy[]


  • "Onward, to glory!" - Character Select
  • "What is this a dream?" - Desert intro.





  • Leviathan shares a similar role as Lance Bean in other Contra games, particularly in Shattered Soldier:
    • The relation between Leviathan and Bahamut was shaped like that of Lance and Bill Rizer, respectively, which in both cases at some point became antagonistic to each other.
    • Both Leviathan and Lance were minor antagonists compared to Tiberius and the Triumvirate in their respective games.
    • Leviathan's default outfit in particular bears color similarities to Lance in some of the earlier games, particularly Contra and Contra III: The Alien Wars.
  • Leviathan is the second antagonist to become playable throughout the Contra series, the first being Newt Plissken.
    • If one counts Colonel Bahamut, then this makes Leviathan the third playable antagonist, alongside the playable incarnation of Bahamut.
  • Leviathan's grenade toss action bears a resemblance to the unused sprites of Burns tossing grenades from Contra Force.

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