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OG Lemris

The Lemris as it appears in Operation Galuga.

The Lemris is an ancient artifact appearing in Contra: Operation Galuga. It was guarded by the tribe of Galuga.


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The Lemris was first discovered by the Earth Marine Corps as detectable energy waves on Galuga Island. The E.M.C sent their finest elite commandos to investigate the source, as well as other incidents taking place on the island.

Some data on its existence was uncovered by Lucia at the Laboratory. After a vicious train ride, the commandos made their way to the Lemris's resting place inside the ruins, where its spiritual guardian Beowulf awaited. After a heated battle with the guardian warrior, Beowulf explained to the Contras about the importance of the Lemris, and how it has prevented an Earth invasion from the Zagard Empire. Even though the Contras were able to reach the Lemris, their plan to secure it was sabotaged by Varanis, who reached it first in front of them.

Varanis escaped with the Lemris to his ship, with the Contras soon directly behind his trail. Cornered, the commandos fought the Zagardian commander with the Lemris hooked up to one of Varanis's devices in the background. Varanis was ultimately defeated, but in his final act of revenge, he commanded his hooked-up device to overload the attached Lemris with energy. With so much built-up energy contained, it was theorized that an explosion let out by the overloaded Lemris would cause the Earth to be knocked out of its orbit. While figuring out a quick solution, their plans were put on hold as the energy readings from the device caused a massive creature to appear, grabbing hold of the entire ship with its bare might. It destroys the ship with a single large chomp, swallowing whole all of the commandos inside as well as the Lemris. The commandos make their way upward from the beast's stomach and manage to locate the Lemris, lodged within the beast's throat. While Lucia went to secure the artifact, the rest of the commandos took care of the massive beast by going to the heart of the problem.

After the battle with Java concluded, its carcass lay afloat in the sea with Lucia and the Lemris still inside. The Lemris's remaining energy was used by Lucia to open a wormhole and redirect the dangerous overloading energy emanating from within. After the final wormhole was opened, it sucked up the nearby energy and dead carcass with Lucia inside, then once the portal closed, the Lemris was fully drained as it fell into the ocean, getting lost and bearing no remaining signs of energy at all. Ariana vowed to locate this artifact and return it to the temple on Galuga. However, in the aftermath of being drained, Dr. Drake noted that the energy field the Lemris was emitting around Earth would soon dissipate. His statement held true as Neo City soon had wormholes appearing from the sky, with alien ships arriving through them, thus beginning the Alien Wars.



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