Dirk thought he was the luckiest alien humanoid around when he saw the job posting: good pay, benefits, free trip to Earth, stand in place, decent aim preferred. In the moments since the shirtless super-commando opened fire, he's begun questioning that decision.
~ Dirk McShooter's description from the Contra 4 manual

The Ledder (突槍射撃兵 レッダー? lit. "Spearhead Sniper Ledder"), also referred to simply as Sniper, is a recurrent enemy in the Contra series. They are high-class infantry units who either wield machine guns or sniper rifles.


High-class soldiers holding their positions and wielding either a machine gun or a sniper rifle, Ledders are the commanders of the Greeder troops.

They either remain on their posts in plain sight or hide in bushes in the background, and fire either a stream of bullets straight ahead from their machine guns or precise shots from their sniper rifles directly at the enemy. Certain units are encountered prone on the ground at plain sight behind improvised barricades. They are renowned for generally keeping post on top of Defense Walls.

Ledders have appeared in pretty much every installment of the Contra series. Depending on the game they appear in, they may be brainwashed humans, humanoid aliens, or even robots.

In Contra: Return, Ledders have two attack patterns: shooting three bullets in a row or three bullets in a three-way fashion. Also, there are few varieties of Ledders: standard, infected and zombified.

Additional information

  • Age: ???
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Weight: 103 kg





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