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The Launcher Soldier is an enemy in Hard Corps: Uprising. He is a beefy Private unit holding a large launcher on his back and shoulders that fire homing missiles.


A soldier working under the Commonwealth Empire. His appearance is that of a cowboy wearing a traditional Commonwealth uniform. He wields a portable mid-large sized round launcher that fires a red homing missile. The missile fires straight but when a hero is near, the large red missile will chase toward said hero until it explodes a certain distance. The missiles can be destroyed, and the Launcher Soldier must reload every few seconds after firing. If the Launcher Soldier takes enough small damage (usually one bullet from the Rifle), his launcher explodes and he gives off a surprised look before quickly fleeing the scene. He cannot jump and is limited to horizontal movement. If he hits a wall of obstacle, he simply runs the other way. He can be killed with either continuous weaponry or strong firepower.

Often, these soldiers can be hiding inside crates, ready to ambush nearby heroes. During certain stages, these soldiers can also fly onto the battlefield hanging on to one of their missiles as a means of transportation.

On rare occasions seen onboard the Battleship, Launcher Soldiers may wield a laser cannon instead. This cannon fires two small electrical balls in a V-shaped pattern. This attack can be avoided if a hero stands directly underneath the barrel of the cannon.

The Launcher Soldier speaks a phrase each time he fires his weapon, each time he starts to run away, or when damage and/or defeated. The Launcher Soldier is voiced by Keenan Hadorn.


Firing (missile cannon)
Firing (electric cannon)