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There is only one man who could ever hope to accomplish this mission his name... Lance Gryzor!
~ From the Gryzor (ZX Spectrum) manual

Lance Gryzor is the main protagonist of Gryzor.[2] He is a member of the Federation for Earth's Defenses (FED).

He is a renamed version of the character Bill Rizer, now having his own background and story.


The Durrs from planet Suna have infiltrated Earth's defensive forces, have set up a stronghold in an uncharted region of our planet and have assembled an atmosphere processing plant (APP) which gives them the facility to control the planet's weather conditions. Their plan is to bring about another ice age and thereby take over the Earth and all of its resources. Lance Gryzor is the only man in the Federation for Earth's Defenses (FED) who can stop them.

Lance successfully finished his mission and saved the Earth from the evil alien threat. However, according to the ending of the Amstrad CPC version, destroying the Heart activated a self-destruct mechanism which blew up the entire planet, heavily implying that he didn't survive.


  • Apparently, Lance has a twin brother called Bill Gryzor, although he only appears in the main menu screen of the Amstrad CPC version and has no mention in the manual.
  • This character combines elements from the two main protagonists of the Contra series worldwide. While his physical appearance is directly taken from Bill Rizer, his name is taken from Lance Bean.
    • In addition, the surname "Gryzor" is phonetically similar to "Rizer".

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  1. According to the ending of the Amstrad CPC version.
  2. Gryzor is the initial title the first Contra game was released as in the PAL region for arcade and home computers before the franchise was renamed to Probotector.