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I hear you wish to try out the new weapon I created?
~ Lance in Contra Returns

Lance Bean is a playable character and one of the main protagonists in Contra Returns.

He was voiced by Kestin Howard.


Lance is Bill's best friend and also the master of weaponry in Contra. Since childhood, he has displayed extraordinary knowledge about weapons by building his own weapons from scratch! Lance is a legendary fighter who has traveled in many adventures with Bill Rizer.
~ Official description from Garena's website

In the midst of battle, with his home village being razed to the ground around him, Lance had survived. He became a mercenary at a young age, and even received the sobriquet "Death" for his uncanny ability to survive when everyone else around him had fallen. And over time, his real name was forgotten. He had met Bill Rizer after being captured by the Commonwealth Army during a mission. Bill, impressed by Lance's strong display of loyalty and character, convinced the Commonwealth Marine Corps to take him on.

"Bingo!" The new dual-purpose quantum laser assault rifle was finally finished. Lance's feelings of jubilation only last for a moment, however. This was just all in a day's work for him. "Hey, catch!" Lance tosses the weapon over to Bill, who had been yawning for days on the sidelines while Lance worked on his project. "Here we go again... It's just another gun..." Bill mumbles as he walks out of the room.

Not a few moments later, Bill throws the door open and yells, "LANCE! What in the world kind of a weapon is this?!"

Lance, unperturbed, doesn't even raise his head from what he's doing. He waits for Bill to say more. This wasn't exactly uncommon for him, especially when Lance had just invented a new toy. "So, what did you blast to bits this time...?" Lance asks wryly.

"Well, you were taking so long with it that I was half–asleep! The safety wasn't on, and I wasn't really paying attention, so I pulled the trigger by accident and... Anyway, the Solar-Laser Heat Exchanger Room is... gone..." Bill says grimly from the doorway.

"Hmm, and which one's that again?" Lance asks, furrowing his eyebrows.

"The boiler room."

"So?" Lance rushes out for a quick look.

"The Human Epidermis Prophylaxis Station will be out of order today."

"Uh huh, that one being?"

"The showers don't have hot water anymore..."

Lance stops in his tracks, turns around, and narrows his eyes at Bill. It's clear that Bill is going to be in big trouble. Hopefully, Lance can keep Colonel Bahamut from blowing his lid.

Lance Bean, legendary member of Team Contra, and Weapon Master. All the weapons used by Team Contra come straight from Lance's workshop. It's said among his comrades-in-arms that Lance first started modding weapons when he was just a wee boy. Nobody actually knows for sure (after all, you know how people like to whisper), but this particular rumor was actually true. Little did they know that not only did the legendary Lance start modifying weapons when he was very young, the first victim to die at his hand was actually a member of the Marine Corps...

Lance's skills and instincts came about thanks to a monstrous fire. His first memories involve images of a village being razed to the ground, anguished wails, and dead bodies all around him. Every time he recalls these gory images, it is as if he can hear the loud cries of despair. One thing he has not kept in these memories, however, is the pain of watching his family die in his arms. The next thing he remembers is the scorching environs of the desert.

There, a group of child soldiers trudged along under the blazing sun. At the side, irate adult soldiers barked at them for being too slow. They had to get to the enemy camp before dark, no matter what.

And of course, there was the battle.

Yes, Lance, the young orphan, was conscripted as a child soldier and trained to become the most ruthless and dangerous war machine that the mercenaries had. An expressionless young Lance walked among the ranks of a hundred or so child soldiers. He released a barrage of bullets on the enemy line with his Gatling gun, his movements as smooth and easy as if he were sitting down to dinner. When he came to his senses, he realized that the children around him had all been killed. Lance was all alone, as the others had already retreated, thinking him dead.

Covered in blood and clutching a small bundle of parts scavenged from the battlefield, Lance managed to find his way back to the other troops by retracing the trail of prints left behind. He appeared back at camp like a lion returned from the hunt. He sat down by himself in a corner and started to fiddle with his loot and some scrap metal that he had on hand. Soon enough, he had assembled a massive machine gun that made his young body look even smaller. But it was the sight of the tiny Lance holding a colossal weapon as he emerged time and again from among piles of the dead that gave him his reputation in battle.

Then, someone started calling him "Death Boy".

More battles followed, and people started dropping the "Boy" from his name... Lance and his machine gun would mow down every enemy, with no exception, and his fellow mercenaries started to call him "Merciless Death", instead. Who could possibly defeat Death himself?

Bill Rizer, with his short crop of blond hair, was the perfect match for Lance's rakish blue mop. The beautiful tale of Bill Rizer and Lance Bean begins in an arduous battle between Lance's Imperial Eagles and Bill's Marines. "Friendship" was a concept that was unheard of among mercenaries. There was only life, death, and cold hard cash. It was during this encounter that a still-youthful Lance was betrayed by his peers and captured by Bill's Marines. What awaited him was torture and the most brutal interrogation imaginable. Lance had long understood that this was a common end for a mercenary. For him, dying was just another everyday fact of life.

Lance was ready when the blond one reemerged. But he had come bearing another way out for Lance: his release. Bill told Lance that there was no reason for him to remain loyal to a bunch of people who had abandoned him and left him to the mercy of the enemy. Bill did, in fact, get around to eliminating the whole lot of them, so in a way he had retaliated on Lance's behalf. On top of that, Bill had managed to secure Lance's release, so he was his benefactor as well. Lance could join him in the Marine Corps if he wanted to. Of course, he didn't really have any other choice.

Lance remained silent.

"That show you put on just now was pretty darn impressive if you ask me." Bill had decided to change tactic and offer up some flattery instead. Even though Bill tried to keep his tone light and casual, it was clear from the look in his eyes that he meant what he said.

"Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Bill Rizer. They all call you ‘Death’, but what's your real name?"

It was at this moment that it felt as if something had hit him. Lance had been "Death" for so long that he had nearly forgotten his real name: Lance Bean. And so, Lance stopped being "Death", returned to his old self, and became the newest member of the Marine Corps.

Lance's childhood experiences are what shaped him into becoming the solitary man of few words that he is today, although they have also made him calm, strong, and persevering. These are all qualities that would make Lance the backbone of the Marine Corps, once he was no longer a lone ranger.

One time, while carrying out a mission on an island, Lance found himself surrounded by the enemy. He had been shot in a few places, and his comms equipment had been blasted to pieces. He was slowly being backed into a corner with the enemy approaching from all sides. It was at this moment that he suddenly spotted a blond crew-cut bobbing up and down in the undergrowth. The sweet music of a Gatling gun soon rang out, and the enemy started to fall like dominos on all sides. Bill and Lance finished off the rest of the enemies together. The enemy had blockaded the island, so the duo then lived off the land for an entire month. During this time, Bill took the utmost care of Lance, who was seriously injured, tending to him while also hunting and gathering supplies. Bill really had become Lance's benefactor this time round. For the first time, Lance came to see what a "comrade-in-arms" really meant, and he and Bill became fast friends. Lance and Bill became the ultimate dynamic duo out on the field, working together seamlessly battle after battle to accomplish the objectives of their missions.

Over time, Lance changed. He became more attentive to the needs of others, and more aware of his own emotions. At Team Contra, in particular, he felt that he had finally come home. Bill's boyish demeanor, Operator Tina's incessant nagging, and the uncanny way in which Pulse reminded Lance of himself... Despite the fact that most of the time, Lance is still the solitary, silent presence that he used to be, especially when he's working on some new-fangled weapon inside the armory, his new family at Team Contra has indeed changed him. He is now more accepting of others, and more willing to devote himself to them. A new Lance has emerged at Team Contra. It turns out that "Death" had a name all along, and his name is Lance Bean.


  • "I heard that you want to try my newly designed weapon?"
  • "You wanna learn the art of weapon modification?"
  • "You're not worthy of my bullets."





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