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Lance was a war hero and Bill's partner in defeating the alien invasion. He was presumed dead after being murdered by Bill 6 years prior. However, he has resurfaced as the leader of "Blood Falcon", an organization intent on destroying existence. How he survived and his true purpose are shrouded in mystery.
~ Shattered Soldier Database description

The Enemy Commander, later revealed to be former Contra commando Lance Bean (ランス・ビーン Ransu Bīn?), is one of the main antagonists of Contra: Shattered Soldier.


Six years prior to the events of Shattered Soldier in the year 2642 AD,[1] the war hero known as Lance Bean was fatally wounded by unknown means. It was stated however that his longtime comrade in war Bill Rizer was the murderer of Lance. At the same time, a developmental Hyper-magnetic-weapons grid malfunctions and explodes, causing worldwide destruction. For his crimes, Bill was sentenced to maximum security imprisonment, cryogenically frozen for 10,000 years. During the year 2647 AD, a group known as Blood Falcon emerges, terrorizing the world with its indiscriminate acts of violence. As a result, Bill is released early from cryogenic prison and assigned Lucia to be his watchdog, and together must put an end to Blood Falcon's terrorist acts.

During their first mission, Bill and Lucia enter an unknown commander's private office. The commander inside gives a small speech before hinting to Bill his identity: Lance Bean, the war hero presumed dead by the hands of his war partner Bill. Bill and Lucia are surprised by this news, with Lance stating he returned from the dead to purge the world from its sinners with the flames of judgment. Lance also hints at a hidden agenda he believes Bill would not understand. Lance lets Bill go off easy "for old time's sake" and promises the next meeting will not be so merciful, before teleporting away. At this moment, Bill recalls his memories to Lucia. In the flashback taking place six years ago to Lance's death, Lance is seen dying in Bill's arms, attempting to utter words to his partner before drawing his last breath. Bill and Lucia can only ponder what led Lance to become a terrorist leader.

After clearing more missions, the heroic pair track down Lance to his hideout at the Galuga Archipelago, where Bill and Lance's Alien-filled adventures all started. Bill and Lucia eliminate the base's defenses and bust their way into Lance's control center of operations. Lance admits he is surprised the two made it this far but keeps his promise of not showing any mercy. He then hovers over toward the two and personally does battle with them.

He is defeated but states that "playtime is over". Upon this remark, he creates a blinding flash of light and transforms the room into a large alien's nest. Bill and Lucia are surprised by this, concluding that Lance fused with an alien. One after another, Bill and Lucia defeat alien enemies after another, with each one's defeat teleporting the two heroes into another alien battle. Most creatures bear strong resemblance to that of past defeated aliens Bill and Lance have conquered together, with the last alien form used by Lance being that of Emperor Demon Gava himself. Bill and Lucia succeed in destroying this powerful form, returning the room to its normal state.

Lance's fate after the battle will alter slightly depending on the player's overall rank:

  • B rank or lower: A flash of light shrinks into Lance as he returns to human form. He then falls to his knees with gut clenched. As Bill demands answers, Lance simply calls his partner "a sad creature" who "doesn't know what he's fighting for". With this statement shocking Bill, Lance stands up and declares that he will perish here, with Bill following the same fate soon. Lance states that "they" cannot afford to have the two heroes around. Bill questions what does Lance mean, and who "they" are, but Lance responds in laughter and states he'll wait for Bill in hell, before exploding into flames. As Bill quietly speaks Lance's name one last time, a Satellite above the Galuga Archipelago fires a large and powerful laser, wiping out the entire island and all life within a 60-mile radius.
  • A or S rank (canon route): As the massive battle concludes, Bill rushes to a fallen Lance's side. Lance admits he could not defeat Bill, with Bill wanting answers to all this. As Lance struggles to catch his breath, he decides to be open to Bill and Lucia about the truth in hopes they can put a stop to the hidden conspiracy. Lance starts explaining by telling the story of how a miner discovered a sanctuary containing the Moirai Relic on Jupiter twenty years prior. He explains that the Moirai were some "omniscient beings" with technology far advance than Earth, and that the army of Earth were sent into the Sanctuary to seize the relic for it to be "monopolized" on Earth. He goes on to explain that this should have never been done, that the consequence for taking the relic was in the form of the alien attacks on Earth several years after, being stated as "guards" who protected the relic and wanted to retrieve it. Lance further reveals that the intentions of Bill and Lance being declared as War Heroes was all a cover-up to the public eye for the real story. This realization angers Bill, stating that him and Lance were mere "puppets on a string". Lance states he stumbled upon the truth of this conspiracy by accident and was attempting to go public with the truth before he was eliminated, with Bill being the scapegoat for murder. Lance also states that the Hyper-magnetic weapon malfunction was purposefully done to annihilate opposing factions and monopolize political power. Lance then admits that he fused an alien embryo into his body so that he can continue to live in order to spread the truth to the people. However, he could not control the alien's power. Lance orders Bill to go before the relic is done being analyzed, with Lance then falling flat to the ground motionless and leaving Bill to call out his war partner's name.


Note: The following battle covers only Lance himself in his original human state at the Archipelago.

As Bill and Lucia bust down the front doors to Lance's Archipelago base, they encounter him sitting in his throne at the command chamber. As he spots the heroes, he gives them one final warning about "not holding back" before commencing with his assault.

Lance slowly hovers into the center of the octagon-shaped room. He then begins the battle using one of the following attacks, and after each attack he will then briefly pause, then float around the room to position himself for a different attack. The attacks consist of the following:

Attack Description
Hex LightningArchipelago Lance battle hex lightning
Lance appears in the dead center of the room and releases six targeting reticules in a hex-spread pattern. Soon, six electrical beam blasts are unleashed and stay connected to the surfaces. The entire set of beams then rotates slowly in either direction for a few seconds before dispersing.
Orb BlastLance Bean Boss Fight Shattered Soldier
Lance will hover on the ceiling and hang in the center. He will then fire seven deadly energy orbs that soon expand idle in certain places. Once they disappear, Lance will release his grip and perform a different attack.
CannonballLance Bean Shattered Soldier Cannonball
Lance will hover near the bottom of a ground surface corner, then start to spin in place while gaining flaming energy that soon engulfs his body. Rapidly spinning, he launches forward and as a flaming cannonball, bounces off of surfaces violently. This attack only lasts for a few seconds, after which, he will decide to land on the ground once he hits it. He slowly rises back up from the impact to prepare for his next attack.
Icy ShockwaveLance Bean Shattered Soldier ice wave
Standing in either the center-left or center-right of the room, Lance will kneel and charge up ice in his body. Within moments, he shatters ice around him and performs a backflip, causing an ice blast to be launched that quickly travels all around the surface of the room up to his backside. He will stand up after firing but will immediately charge up for another blast, unleashing the next blast as the previous blast closes further to his back. He will repeat with a third blast before switching to another attack.
Meteor BlastArchipelago Lance Battle meteor blast
Lance will hover above one corner of the room and charge small red-orange meteors around him, leaving the room shaking violently as he does so. Within moments, the fireballs are fired and quickly unleashed targeting the last know location of a player.

Note that throughout the entire battle, Lance will inflict contact damage, even when harmlessly floating idle.

Official Data[]

The leader of Blood Falcon is a major threat to humanity. His identity and motives are shrouded in mystery.
~ Enemy Commander description from the Shattered Soldier instruction booklet
Shin Contra Database
Bill Rizer's former comrade-in-arms, a legendary hero who together led the Alien Wars to victory. Six years ago, he was thought to have died at the hands of someone else, but now he stands before Bill as the supreme commander of the Blood Falcon, a mysterious armed terrorist organization that threatens the very survival of the human race. Why has he risen from the dead? And what is his purpose?






  • Lance's electrical beam attack during the Archipelago battle is similar to one of the attacks used by Big Magnum in Contra: Hard Corps. A similar attack is later used by Big Eye in Hard Corps: Uprising.
    • Coincidentally, Lance's electrical beam attack during the Archipelago battle is nearly identical to an attack later seen in Mega Man X8, used by one of that game's villains. Both games were also released on the PlayStation 2.
  • Lance's seven ball orb attack appears reminiscent of the Mach 777's spinning blade attack from Contra: Hard Corps (although executed shorter).
  • Lance's Shattered Soldier appearance is the only time he is fought as a boss in the Contra series. A similar situation was reused with "Mystery G" in Neo Contra, where a main protagonist appears as a mid-stage boss.
  • Lance is also the second human character overall in the official timeline to be fought as a boss, the first being Colonel Bahamut. Like one of the Colonel's boss fights, Lance battles not with man-made weaponry, but instead relying on the power of a fused alien embryo.
  • After his human form is defeated, Lance creates a blinding flash of light, with the next area taking place in an alien's lair. This effect is strongly similar to what the Mother Alien from Contra: Hard Corps does after she is defeated.
  • Although Lance himself makes no appearance in Neo Contra, one of his propaganda posters presumably depicting his image can be seen in reused footage from Shattered Soldier.

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  1. The events of 2642 in Shattered Soldier's Database.