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An elite soldier of the Union Tribe who has proven to be extremely skilled in battle despite her young age. She has been surrounded by war since childhood - her parents were killed by the Death Squad. She believes in Bahamut with all her heart.
~ In-game description

Krystal is one of the main protagonists in Hard Corps: Uprising.


A woman with seemingly no previous combat experience. However, after her hometown is attacked by imperial forces, she decides to join Bahamut. Krystal wears an eye patch on her right eye and is one of the fastest characters of the game. She has far less health than Bahamut, only possessing 2 bars. She can however increase her HP maximum using CP to purchase bonuses.


  • "You can't beat me!" - Character Select
  • "Back in the fight!" - Returning to battle (spare life used).
  • "One more time." - Returning to battle (spare life used).
  • "Gotta do better." - Returning to battle (spare life used).
  • "This place brings back bad memories." - Desert start.
  • "I won't let you slow me down." - vs. Defense Wall in Desert.
  • "Too easy." - When a mid-boss is defeated.
  • "Quick and quiet." - Capital Laboratory start.
  • "They say you shouldn't take the train at night." Capital Railway start.





  • Despite her character possessing an eyepatch on her right eye, her in-game sprite depicts her eyepatch being on the left eye when she is facing right. This is due to her sprite being mirrored from her left facing sprites.
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