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Knight Persica (桃百夜 Momo Byakuya?, lit. "Hundred Nights of Peach Blossoms") is a boss in Hard Corps: Uprising.


As the elite soldiers trudge through the Jungle, they close in on the entrance to the Ruins. As they reach one more large forested area, they are suddenly halted by a surprise appearance by Leviathan. He calls forth a walking mecha that kneels in front of him. Leviathan Moonsaults into the armor, with a helmet securing the entrance to the mecha tight. The mecha reveals itself as Knight Persica, striking a pose with its long blade shortly before the battle begins.


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  • Knight Persica is one of the bosses seen during the intro cinematic of Hard Corps: Uprising.
  • The boss's Japanese name translates to "Hundred nights of peach blossoms". This may be a reference to the Jungle arena the boss is fought in, which so happens to also produce fruit during the battle with Knight Persica.

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