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Kirgey (大型装甲車輌 カーギィ Ōgata Sōkō Sharyō Kāgyi?, lit. "Large Armored Vehicle Kirgey") is the second boss in Operation C. It is giant tank comprised by a powerful plasma cannon and two Tucker tanks.


Large Armored Vehicle Kirgey, as its name suggests, is a giant tank encountered at the end of Area 2.

When the player first reaches its location, they'll just find a big container lying on the ground. Soon enough, however, two Tucker tanks will enter the screen, one from each side, and proceed to attach themselves to the container and lift it, with all three machines in conjunction forming one colossal tank. The container will then open, revealing a giant plasma cannon inside.

The boss will move from side to side while firing in a spreading manner from all four turrets of the two Tuckers, and the plasma cannon will constantly fire fast-traveling blasts straight ahead. The turrets can be destroyed in order the alleviate the whole ordeal, although it's the plasma cannon which is the boss's weak spot. Once destroyed, the whole tank will explode regardless of the amount of turrets that still remain.

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