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For the boss version of this enemy, see Kazart 408.

Kazart 408 + Reinforced Parts (カザート 408 + 強化パーツ Kazāto 408 + Kyōka Pātsu?) is a miniboss in Operation C. It is an armored hovercraft that deploys small mechanical devices on the battlefield.


An armored hovercraft miniboss that appears midway through Area 3. Kazart 408 flies in wave-like pattern, making short pauses to deploy small mechanical devices that travel across the ground. Troops of Common Soldiers will be also entering the battlefield, so it is advised to remain away from the edges of the screen.

Once the hovercraft has sustained enough damage, it will shed its lower part –which will explode as it crashes on the ground– and escape.

The machine is fought one more time at the end of the level as part of the Armed Anti-Gravity Vehicle Kazart 408 boss fight.


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