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For the miniboss version of this enemy, see Kazart 408 + Reinforced Parts.

Kazart 408 (反重力武装車 カザート 408 Han Jūryoku Busō-sha Kazāto 408?, lit. "Armed Anti-Gravity Vehicle Kazart 408") is the third boss in Operation C. It is the same armed hovercraft fought as a miniboss earlier through the level, now accompanied with its heavily armed dock.


Kazart 408 returns for a rematch in an advanced and more dangerous form, this time accompanied by its heavily armed dock.

The dock is a large, armored platform with a conic shape; the player can stand on top of it without taking damage. It features two cannons, one on each side, that take turns in firing projectiles in a horizontal trajectory, hiding under an armored shell after firing each shot; these can be destroyed. It also counts with two glowing "horns", again, one on each side, that are lethal on contact.

On its part, Kazart 408 comes armed with a wide repertoire of new attacks this time around. It features two retractile beams that can be extended either straight down or at an angle, arguably being the most dangerous attack in this boss fight due to their unpredictability and how fast they're used. They can be destroyed in order to remove the threat they pose.

The hovercraft's main body features a small, glowing core protected behind two mobile hinges that acts as the boss's weak spot. The hinges will be constantly opening during the course of the battle, exposing the core and allowing it to fire four large, orb-like projectiles in a spreading manner (these can be destroyed in midair). Once the core is destroyed, both machines will explode and the battle will be over.

If the battle takes too long, the hovercraft will eventually lower itself and dock on the platform for a short period of time; this with the intention of making the player to step down and force them to deal with the cannons and horns. After a moment, the hovercraft will take flight again and the battle will continue as normal.

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