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The Katana is a recurring usable weapon featured in the Contra series.


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Neo Contra[]

Jaguar is the first playable character to utilize a Katana as a weapon. Although it appears in official artwork, the Katana must first be unlocked before it can be wielded, being an exclusive weapon to Jaguar. Unlocking the character known as Katana Jaguar allows a player to play as Jaguar with six alternate weapon sets, all of which make use of his Katana as a usable weapon. Katana Jaguar's character model also slightly differs from his normal model: instead of having his sword sheathed behind his back, he constantly holds his unsheathed sword on his left-hand (similar to his artwork). He possesses two different types of the Katana weapon:

  • The Katana is a close-range standard weapon. The FIRE button can be consecutively pressed to allow him to use up to a continuous three-slash combo. After ending any of the three hits, Jaguar will be briefly vulnerable for a second before he can perform further sword strikes. With precise timing, red-and-blue bullets can be erased by the katana. When an enemy soldier is hit by the katana, red blood is briefly spewed. Given the sheer infinite amounts of these enemy soldiers, it is possible the katana's blood slashing effect is one reason the game received an M rating.
  • The F. Katana is the katana equipped with fire. It possesses the same three-slash combo as the normal katana does. The F. Katana is arguably the strongest flamethrower-type standard weapon in the entire game, capable of both erasing flashing red-and-blue bullets with well-timed swings and its high damage output easily annihilating enemies with ease. Like the normal Katana, the F. Katana's primary drawback is its short reach; some enemies are unreachable at close ranges, making the Katana weapons useless against them.

Of the six separate Weapon sets, three of them make use of the normal Katana while the other three utilize the F. Katana. None of the sets make use of both Katanas at the same time (likely as a means to prevent him from being unable to effectively shoot required enemy targets properly).

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

The Katana is an exclusive weapon used by Sayuri (which requires DLC to obtain). Her sword is considered to be the most powerful weapon in the game, being immensely powerful and capable of rapid-firing strikes. These strengths allow bosses to easily go down within seconds. Its only drawback is its close range, which requires Sayuri to be largely close to her target. Her katana can be charged to fire a wide beam slash capable of reaching longer ranged opponents. Though not as powerful as close-range strikes, the beam slashes prove necessary during certain segments where bullet fire would otherwise be required to proceed.

In Rising Mode, the Katana's attack power can be increased using Upgrades. Each katana upgrade purchased increases the attack power by 0.2, maxing out at 2.0. This makes the already damaging sword even deadlier, allowing for bosses to easily be defeated well before they even make a first strike. The names of the five katana upgrades are named after Japanese swords: Kikuichimonji, Raikiri, Muramasa, Masamune, and Amanomurakumo. Her Katana's charge time can also be quickened via the Speed Charge upgrade.

Contra: Evolution[]

Sally Inohara uses a Katana.

Contra: Rogue Corps[]

Making honor to her nickname, during her special attack, Ms. Harakiri uses her Muramasa sword to stab herself and this way keep in line the Inner Demon alien she hosts in her belly.






  • The icon for the Katana in Neo Contra shows two swords, despite Jaguar only ever using one.