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Kaiser, real name Max Doyle, is a playable character in Contra: Rogue Corps. He is a soldier from the Alien Wars rebuilt after receiving massive injuries. He now has a cybernetic arm that transforms into a drill.


"Leader of the Rogue Corps.
He is an elite soldier and the former leader of the Contra Force, but has become an outlaw after a certain incident.
He loves his fake arm that can transform into a drill more than anything else.
He built his drilling arm himself, and poured to match time into thinking about funny ways to use it to entertain people in parties.
He loves throwing bad puns that exasperate his teammates, but somehow he is still appreciated overall.
He likes cute animals and children.
He is related to Commander Doyle, who appeared in Contra: Hard Corps."

— From the official Contra: Rogue Corps website.


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