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Kaiser, real name Max Doyle, is a playable character in Contra: Rogue Corps. He is a former member of Contra who leaded an elite team during the Alien Wars. Rebuilt after receiving massive injuries, he now has a cybernetic arm that transforms into a drill, and is now the leader of the Rogue Corps.

He was voiced by Michael Silberblatt.


Leader of the Rogue Corps.
He is an elite soldier and the former leader of the Contra Force, but has become an outlaw after a certain incident.
He loves his fake arm that can transform into a drill more than anything else.
He built his drilling arm himself, and poured to match time into thinking about funny ways to use it to entertain people in parties.
He loves throwing bad puns that exasperate his teammates, but somehow he is still appreciated overall.
He likes cute animals and children.
He is related to Commander Doyle, who appeared in Contra: Hard Corps.
~ Description from the official Contra: Rogue Corps website

Kaiser is a former member of the Contra task force who leaded an elite team during the Alien Wars. He is related to Commander Doyle, a secondary character who appeared in Contra: Hard Corps (although it's never explained exactly what's his family tie with him).

He was massively injured during the war, but fortunately, his body was successfully reconstructed and now he bears a fake arm that can transform into a large cybernetic drill, which he built himself and loves more than anything in this world. After the war, he became the leader of the Rogue Corps, a skilled team of scavenging Jaegers.

While Kaiser was attending a speech the President was giving two years after the end of the war, the Damned City unexpectedly started to rise from the ground. Suspecting this was a side effect caused by the firing of the Vortex Cannon, which had not yet passed the experimental stage, the President blamed General Phoenix for this catastrophe. The general was quicker to react, though, and taking advantage of the confusion, he removed Ms. Harakiri's Muramasa blade from her belly and with it he assassinated the President.

Kaiser was one of the few people who witnessed this crime, and full of rage, he jumped at the general and quickly subdued him. However, the removal of Harakiri's blade made Gut Bucket, her alien guest, to start taking possession of her body, and believing she had something to do with everything that was going on, the security guards were about to shoot her down. Opting to save his partner rather than bringing Phoenix to the authorities, Kaiser let go off him and saved Harakiri from being executed.

Seizing the opportunity among all the chaos, Phoenix blamed Kaiser and his team for the President's murder. Now being their words against his, and seeing themselves surrounded, Kaiser and Ms. Harakiri made haste inside their carrier, the Guillotine, which was parked nearby and escaped that place, although from that day onward, he and his team were unjustly persecuted.



  • While his real name, Max, could be just that, it could also be short for Maximilian or Maxim.

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