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Not to be confused with Jungle Battle.

Jungle Juncture is a music theme originally composed by the Konami Kukeiha Club for Super Contra. It is the background theme for Stage 3, Deep Jungle, and was later remixed for Contra Returns.

It was also remixed for Neo Contra as the background theme for the second portion of Stage 4, Aircraft Carrier, titled "Helicarrier".


  • The theme "Time to Introduce Ourselves" from Contra: Operation Galuga contains an excerpt from "Jungle Battle" (originally from Contra) at around the 55 second mark.
    • Similarly, while the theme "Contra has Arrived" from Contra: Operation Galuga is more of an arrangement of "Jungle Battle", it contains an excerpt of "Jungle Juncture" just before the track loops.


Title Game Stage Audio Usage
Jungle Juncture Super Contra (arcade) Deep Jungle BGM
Jungle Juncture Super C (NES)
Jungle BGM
Contra: Operation Galuga (Retro Mix) Village (village section)
Jungle Juncture Super C (Amiga) Deep Jungle BGM
Jungle Juncture Remix Neo Contra Aircraft Carrier BGM
Time to Introduce Ourselves Contra: Operation Galuga Jungle (opening and closing sections) BGM
Remix with "Jungle Battle"
Jungle Jam Contra: Operation Galuga (Retro Remix) Village (village section) BGM