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This music theme is sometimes called "Jungle". For other uses, see Jungle (disambiguation).
Not to be confused with Jungle Juncture.

Jungle Battle, also known as Battle in the Forest/Jungle or simply Jungle among other titles, is a music theme originally composed by Hidenori Maezawa for Contra. It is the background theme for the first stage of the game, Jungle, and likewise, it can usually be heard in other jungle-themed stages that appear in following installments of the Contra series.

The theme has since become one of the most popular and representative melodies of the franchise, and several arrangements and remixes have appeared throughout the many titles that comprise it, as well as in other games that reference the Contra franchise.


Other appearances[]


  • The theme "Contra Has Arrived" from Contra: Operation Galuga contains an excerpt of "Jungle Juncture" (originally from Super Contra), just before the melody repeats.
    • Similarly, while the theme "Time to Introduce Ourselves" from the same game is more of an arrangement of "Jungle Juncture", it contains an excerpt from "Jungle Battle" at around the 55 second mark.


Title Game Stage Audio Usage
Jungle Contra (arcade) Jungle BGM
(called BGM 1 in the
Japanese Sound Test)
Jungle Battle Contra (NES) Jungle
Contra: Operation Galuga
(Retro Mix)
Jungle Battle Contra (MSX2) Asphalt Jungle
Underground Fortress
Fighting Jungle 1 Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! Parsley Castle World 4 BGM
Dense Forest Battle Operation C Area 1 BGM
Island Contra: Shattered Soldier Archipelago BGM
Jungle 1 Contra 4 Jungle (Easy, Normal) BGM
(a.k.a. Jungle_Normal in
Contra Chronicle Vol.1)
Contra: Operation Galuga
(WayForward Mix)
Jungle (opening and closing sections)
Jungle 2 Contra 4
Contra 4
Jungle (Hard)
(a.k.a. Jungle_Hard in
Contra Chronicle Vol.1)
Contra: Operation Galuga
(WayForward Mix)
Jungle (on-fire middle section)
Jungle Battle Contra ReBirth Satellite Warzone BGM
(named s01 internally)
Jungle Battle Contra: Evolution Jungle BGM
Stage01_Active Hard Corps: Uprising Desert BGM
密林の戦い (アレンジバージョン)
Mitsurin no Tatakai (Arenjibājon)
["Battle in the Jungle" (Arranged Version)]
Hard Corps: Uprising Desert BGM
(hidden theme, see
Konami Code)
Dense Forest Battle jukebeat BGM
Contra Returns Stages 1-1, 4-5, 5-1, 15-1 BGM
Contra has Arrived Contra: Operation Galuga Jungle (on-fire middle section) BGM
Remix with "Jungle Juncture"
Jungle Hang Contra: Operation Galuga
(Retro Remix)
Jungle BGM

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