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A ferocious, giant mermaid-like fish created by genetic manipulation. No one can imagine that the fish was originally an ornamental fish because of its creepy appearance.

Jinmen Gyo (人面魚? lit. "Human Face Fish") is a boss in Contra: Shattered Soldier. It is a gigantic fish-like alien mutant creature with a humanoid face.


Jinmen Gyo is a gigantic fish-like alien mutant creature with a humanoid face and three pairs of eyes on its sides. It introduces itself by scaring all the other fishes in the background and then breaking the glass, flooding the room the player is in.

Its attacks include:

  • Jumps across the room in an arc with its mouth open.
  • Jumps up from below a platform, with bubbling as a warning sign.
  • Stays on one side of the chamber and starts eating the floating platforms, which move into its mouth.

All of these attacks involve the monster opening its mouth, which the player can shoot into, although the third attack provides the best opportunity.

After sustaining enough damage, it does the second attack one last time but only on the center platform, and this time signaled by its green blood. After this last attempt, it dies and lies there flopping; the player can even stand on its body at that moment.



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Theme of Shattered Soldier Stage 4 Boss - Jinmen Gyo


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