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The bikes are stock models built by Fraser Enterprises, a military contractor once based on Galuga Island.
~ Description for Contra: Operation Galuga.[3]

The Jet Motorcycle[4] is a hovering motorized single-person vehicle featured in the Contra series.

Game specific information[]

Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

The Jet Motorcycle (as named in the instruction booklet) is a hoverbike with a long front handlebar segment similar to Earth motorcycles, attached to a large seat engine in the driver's side, and with a front headlight section that gives off the appearance of an intimidating face. It is exclusively driven by Bill Rizer and Lance Bean during the Alien Wars. There are two distinct colors for each pilot; Bill drives a blue colored Jet Motorcycle with light gray metal lining and a red side coloring, and Lance pilots a red colored one bearing chrome metallic lining and a blue side coloring. It is unclear whether they are personal custom vehicles belonging to the heroes, if these vehicles were issued to them by the organization they work for, or if they were once enemy vehicles they hijacked.

The Jet Motorcycles are only seen in the Air Battle stage. A player's hoverbike immediately vanishes once they hop on the Contra Helicopter's missile halfway through the stage. This stage marks the first appearance a motorbike driving sequence in the Contra series. Later titles would feature similar driving stages inspired by this first appearance.

Similar looking hovercraft are used by the Hellriders in the same stage.

In Super Probotector: Alien Rebels, the colors of the Jet Motorcycles match with their pilots' overall color scheme just like with their human counterparts. RD008 pilots a metallic gray colored Jet Motorcycle with orange detailing, while RC011's Jet Motorcycle is almost identical to Lance's but with more brighter red-orange and a green secondary color on its details.

Contra: Shattered Soldier[]

The hoverbike reappears in Shattered Soldier with a brand new design. The heroes ride this fast speed vehicle during the first two sections of Stage 002, Train. Unlike previous games where Jet Motorcycles simply disappear along with a defeated player, when the player loses a life, their Jet Motorcycle explodes (it returns along with the player on the next life, if any extra lives are remaining).

The starting section takes place along an industrial harbor and is seen from a side-view. The player has to fend off and destroy the Flying Submarine, a large watercraft that after its first hostilities transforms into a flying vessel and proceeds to keep attacking the heroes; this time with a wide assortment of turrets, while they continue riding their hoverbikes (in a very similar scene as the Dodriguez encounter from Contra III).

After felling down the ship, the heroes enter a long tunnel where they give chase to a speedy train, which tries to take them down using its plasma cannon. This time, the scene is seen from the front, while the heroes drive toward it.

Jet Motorcycles are also seen being rode on by Bill and Lucia during the opening cutscene throughout the City stage. In-game however, the two heroes enter the stage riding jet boards instead and no Jet Motorcycles appear within that stage.

Contra 4[]

In Stage 7, City, the Robot Bike Unit suddenly joins the Crustacean Cruiser boss battle to support this large carrier bug. The player can gun down these bikers from their vehicles and use them themselves to more easily navigate during the boss encounter.

An identical Motor bike is used for Stage 5, Ocean (although it could mean these bikes can also travel above water as well as on land). In an earlier build of the game, the stage uses the term "Jetskis". This may also be a reference name to the stage itself rather than the vehicle used.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

A stock model named as Hover Bike. The heroes use these vehicles to traverse through the roadways of Galuga Island. The design is said to belong to Fraser Enterprises, a company once stationed within the island. According to Lance Bean, the models driven by the commandos are older models, with Lance stating in a dialogue with Bill that he (Lance) owns a custom-made model.





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