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The peach blossoms on the human face are red.
~ Jean in Contra Returns

Jean is a playable character in Contra Returns.


Hailing from strongest country of the Eastern 10 Alliance, she is wielder of the relic Heaven Rain.
~ In-game description

The precipitous place is always a place of scenic beauty.

Two figures sat side by side on the cliff, a girl in a pink dress with a long umbrella at her waist, and a man in green and black clothes holding a short gun. They seem to have been sitting for centuries, just watching the sun rise and set, day and night alternate, and in the distance, it is a place farther east than the east.

However, this time is actually very short, and there will be no more, because this time, it is the last farewell.

"I'm sorry..." the man with the gun said.

"Why do you have to apologize for him?" The girl was very calm.

The man asked again, "Don't you blame your father—the general?"

The girl stopped breathing for a while, and still looked ahead, "A man that loves a woman wants to spend more time with her and wants to protect her. If he didn't go all out to find her, I would never see my mother again."

The girl's thoughts went back to nine years ago, when she was just a child.

It has been three years since the amnesiac and insane mother Hui Yu ran away from home for three years. Although Jean had many photos of her, her mother's face was always very blurred in her mind. Her father sent people to search everywhere, but there was no news of her mother. The invasion of the aliens and robots, the oncoming war, the grieving father could only take Jean to the battlefield, and tell her that the time for Tianyu Lishang's mission has arrived.

The general, who had always admired Hui Yu and is also his father's friend, found Hui Yu. Insane, an innocent girl who returned to love asked her lover and was eager to meet her. The general didn't want to take her to take risks, so he placed her in a safe area and rushed to the frontline by himself. At this time, the news of the death of Jean's father came.

Goodbye Hui Yu, the general brought his six-year-old Jean.

The door was pushed open with a "squeak", and there were two figures, one big and one small, in the backlight.

"Admiral, you're back?" Jean saw the woman in the gray veil stand up happily, and when Jean approached, the woman's eyes widened, showing an expression of disbelief, "The appearance of this little girl... Why is it so similar to..." Jean smelled a familiar smell on her body.

"She is not an outsider, she is... the guardian's child." The admiral's deep and tired voice sounded, even a little excited.

The gray veiled woman trembled and nearly fell to the ground, "You mean... you found him? He... is he still alive?"

Terribly quiet.

The general was silent for a while, then shook his head, "Hui Yu, don't wait. The guardian has already sacrificed for the YX Country and the alliance. Tianyu Lishang... he has officially handed over to this girl." Jean listened when she heard Hui Yu's name, she was shocked.

The gray veiled woman shouted, "You lied to me! He said he would be with me for the rest of his life! How could he leave me! And! He... How could he have a daughter!" She cried and ran toward the door , "I want to see him, I want to ask him!"

"Hui Yu! Hui Yu!" Take a good look at this child! "The admiral rushed over to grab Hui Yu's hand, but it was in vain. His eyes were desperate, and he knew that she was already ill. With his extraordinary concealment technique, if he really used it, he would never be able to catch her. He began to panic, he was afraid that he would lose her forever.

"I will definitely find him and ask him!" Gray Feather in the light, her eyes were desperate and crazy, she took a last look at Zipin, the veil fell, and the face in the photo finally became clear in Zipin's heart.

Suddenly, cries for help, gunshots and the sound of something being deeply torn came from not far away, interrupting the girl's thoughts.

"Not good! There are aliens!" The man grabbed the gun in his hand and was about to rush toward the shouts. Jean had already pulled out an umbrella in front of him, surpassing him at a speed...


Ten minutes later...

There were several strange-shaped corpses lying on the ground, as well as some wounded soldiers wearing the badges of the Ten Eastern Nations Alliance.

"You're slow again", Jean wiped the blood on the umbrella.

The man hesitated, "I heard from the general, are you going to the Iron Blood Legion?"

Jean looked at the man in front of her, who had been training secretly with her since she was a child, and joined the team to participate in the life and death camp. On that day, he officially became the fifth-generation guardian of YX Country, the most powerful country in the Eastern Ten Kingdoms Alliance. At that time, he added a special thin pink material to the metal surface of Tianyu Lishang for her, so that when the umbrella surface was opened, it looked like a peach blossom.

Jean smiled slightly: "Please tell me that Tianyu Lishang will fulfill his mission: guard YX Country all his life, and protect those who have been hurt all their life."

She walked a few steps and turned around to look at the man again, her voice came out from the light: Goodbye.

The man wanted to say something but forcibly held back. Looking at the back of Jean going away, he clenched the gun in his hand: I hope to see you next time. I can already protect the whole country, the whole alliance... to protect you.



  • Her design is based on Beautiful Young Woman in Japan.

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