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Java is a boss from Contra: Hard Corps.


After a successful attempt at acquiring an Alien Cell from Earth's Research Center, Colonel Bahamut attempts to use the cell to engineer a powerful bio-weapon under his control, with the assistance of Doctor Geo Mandrake. Their plans are interrupted when the Hard Corps bust into the Colonel's base guns a blazing. The doctor deals with the intruders while the Colonel decides to continue his experimentations with the cell on his own. Unfortunately, the doctor dies in in the ensuing battle and the Hard Corps catch up to the Colonel before his research is complete. Java is one of these revived creatures.

Java's appearance in Hard Corps is radically different from its previous appearances, most likely due to Colonel Bahamut's tampering with the Alien Cell. Java strongly resembles a frog like creature with large lips and sporting eyes (which it previously never displayed) and with more green body parts along with its usual flesh colored body. Java still retains its long appendage attached to the ceiling and a small hand (as with its Alien Wars appearance), however this time its arm is actually quite longer, being chain-like and able to unleash as a weapon to strike from afar. This incarnation of Java still is able to produce Bundle, who have not changeduch aside from body coloring. Like Java's Galuga Island appearance, an alien heart is housed at the back of the base, being the core or the alien Hive and its inhabitants. Reaching the heart requires one to eliminate Java before venturing further.


As the Hard Corps heroes trudge through the alien base, they eliminate Zako aliens and a grotesque large alien slug. Trekking further onward, they come across an exploding ceiling (which also scares away any Zako aliens). From the ceiling, the large mutated beast known as Java appears.

Java follows a basic pattern. He will constantly move around in a somewhat large circle, banging on the floor before rising upward to repeat. As Java moves around, it constantly spews Bundle from its large slimy mouth. After a few bounces on the floor, Java will hover in the center-right of the room and fiare off its chain-like arm toward the general direction of the heroes. The arm sways in an arcing motion and is difficult to avoid, but Java stays in place throughout the attack, allowing the heroes to move underneath the creature. After launching, the arm will return back to its socket and the boss will continue its bouncing and Bundle spewing. If under the beast, the heroes must move away from Java at this time or else be crushed under its massive weight.

The large body is the boss's weakness and can be struck from generally anywhere. Like previous Java encounters, players should try to eliminate Bundle before they swarm around the heroes. Any weapon will damage the unshielded body, but a well times Helio Bomb can eliminate the beast in one shot (preferably at the start of the battle before it even has a chance to retaliate). If Java receives enough damage to die while it is performing its chain arm strike, Java will not die until after the attack concludes.

Once Java receives enough damage, its body detaches from the ceiling and crashes down to the floor, causing the beast to explode. Any Bundle will immediately explode once Java is defeated.


  • This incarnation of Java bears some resemblance to Jabba the Hut from the Star Wars franchise. Coincidentally, both characters share a similar sounding name.